EZT Newag EN98-001 = 37WE-001 Impuls. 2023

Rzeszów 2023-12-03

Electric Multiple Unit EN98-001 = 37WE-001 Impulse.

Electric Multiple Unit EN98-001 = 37WE-001, this is a train belonging to the family of Impuls type railway units, which are manufactured in Poland by NEWAG SA in Nowy Sącz. The Impuls family trains have been produced since 2013 and have gained recognition in Poland and abroad. The family of these trains started with a 3-car unit. The largest number of wagons has the EZT 35WE 6-unit vehicle. Since trains can be combined into multiple traction, it is possible to run a train consisting of 12 wagons. All Impuls trains have a design speed of 160 km/h.

EZT Newag EN98-001, No. 37WE-001 Impulse. 2023. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
EZT Newag EN98-001, No. 37WE-001 Impulse. 2023. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

EZT Newag EN98-001, No. 37WE-001 Impulse. 2023. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
EZT Newag EN98-001, No. 37WE-001 Impulse. 2023. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

Electric Multiple Unit EN98-001 = 37WE-001, it is a 2-car train, the shortest in the family. The first delivery of 37WE units (factory designation) took place in 2014, in the amount of two units, to the Podkarpackie Voivodeship Marshal's Office, as part of an announced tender. The vehicles received the railway marking EN98-001 and EN98-002. The trains are operated by PolRegio - Podkarpacka Kolej Aglomeracyjna. Another EN98-003 vehicle was delivered in January 2015, ordered by the Marshal's Office of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. Due to the growing passenger transport, carriers ordered a small number of EN98 = 37WE trains.

EMU construction EN98 = 37WE.

EMU vehicles EN98 = 37WE have end-drive bogies of the 70RSNc type. Each trolley has two TSA asynchronous electric motors, each with a power of 400 kW, giving the total continuous power of the vehicle to 1,600 kW. The transmission of power from the electric motor to the wheel set is carried out by a two-stage gearbox and a hollow shaft with a clutch with packaged rubber elements - wedges. The Gemminder gearbox is used in trains in Podkarpacie, similarly to the Impuls type 35WE trains. However, in the EN98-003 unit for Warmia and Mazury, a two-stage transmission from TSA was used. The trolleys are equipped with a modern system for lubricating the wheel rims with liquid grease. A Jacobs type 70RSTc rolling bogie was used between the wagons. Two EC120 current collectors were installed on the roof of the train, located near the junction of the wagons.

The vehicle is single-space. The interiors of the carriages are gray. The seats are upholstered with navy blue fabric. There are no tables in the backs of the seats. Most of the seats are mounted in a coach arrangement, two at a time, but on one side they face towards the theoretical front and on the other towards the theoretical rear. There are shelves for small luggage above the passengers' heads. There are LED lamps in the ceiling that give a lot of light and LED lamps that give less light. 22-inch screens with dynamic information for passengers and cameras monitoring the interior of the train are mounted under the ceiling. There is also audio information. The passage between the carriages has ramps. At both ends, the floor is raised and equipped with entrance steps (high floor area).

There is one toilet on the train with a closed system, adapted for disabled people. The toilet door is wide and sliding. Each carriage has one pair of spring-sliding doors. The train has air conditioning and heating.

There are mechanic's stations at both ends of the train. The service can be performed by one person or by two people, i.e. with an assistant. The mechanic's desk is equipped with three screens and other necessary indicators and switches. One of the screens serves as the train's diagnostic terminal. The third screen is monitoring the vehicle interior. The view to the rear is provided by large, foldable exterior mirrors.

T-T data EMU EN98 = 37WE:

Manufacturer: NEWAG SA. Production since 2013. Number of elements 2. Bo'2'Bo' arrangement. 4 x 400 kW engine. KE brake system (PN, EP and ED). Disc brakes. Spring parking brake. Permissible speed 176 km/h. Maximum speed 160 km/h. Wheel diameter 0.84 m. Empty weight 81,000 kg. Gross weight 103,000 kg. Length 42.40 m. Width 2.89 m. Axle load up to 180 kN. Height with folded pantographs 4.17 m. Floor height at the doors 0.76 m. Minimum curve radius 150 m. Number of seats 120. Total number of passengers 265 people.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman