Polish Military Aviation

Recent publications

Gdańsk-Rębiechowo Airport. 2013

0 min read

Gdańsk-Rębiechowo Airport. 2012

1 min read

Gocław - Warszawa Airport. 2019

12 min read

Kaniów airport. 2021

3 min read

Jakowlew Jak-18. 1951.

6 min read

Depułtycze Królewskie Airport. Part 2. 2017

1 min read

Depułtycze Królewskie Airport. Part 1. 2017

2 min read

Częstochowa - Rudniki Airport. 2018

9 min read

Czyżyny-Rakowice Airport. 2018

4 min read

Czyżyny-Rakowice Airport. 2009

2 min read

Chrcynno Airport. 2017

1 min read

Glider Works in Bielsko Biała. 2021

17 min read

Bielsko-Biała airport, Aleksandrowice airport. 2014

4 min read

Białystok - Krywlany Airport. 2018

8 min read

Military Airports in PRL. 2017

10 min read

Wilcze Laski airport. 2021

4 min read

About us

This website is dedicated to Polish Aviation. The POLOT page contains informations about flying equipment, airports, squadrons, pilots and constructors. History, present and future. The informations provided is from the so-called "white intelligence", that is informations generally available. This informations have been collected by the author since 1970. However, the conclusions drawn out from them are subjective and belong to the author of the website.

This website is an honor devoted to Polish airmen, constructors and all Poles connected with aviation.