18D diesel and battery locomotives. Modernization of the SM42. 2021.

Kraków 2021-12-10

NEWAG type 18D diesel-battery locomotive. Modernization of the SM42.

In September 2013, PKP Intercity ordered 10 18D locomotives from NEWAG, which were built on the basis of worn-out 6D diesel locomotives (SM42). The 18D locomotive is a diesel locomotive with electric transmission, with the possibility of battery driving. In April 2014, tests of the new 18D locomotive were carried out on the test track of the Railway Institute in Węglewo. In June 2014, the locomotive entered normal service. By November 2014, the construction of 10 locomotives ordered by the InterCity company was completed.

SM42-3005. 2021 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
SM42-3005. 2021 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

SM42-3005. 2021 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
SM42-3005. 2021 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

Description of the photo: The SM42-3005 locomotive was built on the basis of the SM42-121 locomotive, which was produced in 1968. The modernization was completed in July 2014.

The modernization of the SM42 series locomotives to the NEWAG 18D type included the development of a completely new body. Only the mainstay, bogies and fuel tanks remained of the old locomotive. The locomotive uses a modern Stage IIIB environmental protection diesel engine with a power of 563 kW connected to a set of synchronous generators. A supercapacitor powered by on-board batteries is used to start the engine, which ensures engine start-up regardless of low temperatures. The locomotives are equipped with a modern braking system with a screw compressor and a spring parking brake. The auxiliary systems are driven by asynchronous motors. The vehicle is also equipped with a microprocessor control system, electronic fuel measurement system, fire protection system, cabin air conditioning and GPS system. The locomotive has an electronic diagnostic system.

As part of the conversion, the 18D locomotive was equipped with special crash bumpers that absorb a significant impact energy. At the customer's request, it is possible to install external monitoring of the locomotive with a view of the couplers and the image to the side of the locomotive. The locomotive is approved for one-man operation. At the customer's request, a remote control of the locomotive can be installed.

For the 18D locomotive, a completely new driver's cabin has been designed, equipped with two ergonomic separate driver's stands for driving forward and backward. The stands are equipped with comfortable folding armchairs. The control panels are similar to those in the new locomotives. Thanks to the low hood of the locomotive, visibility from the cabin is very good, and the cabin has panoramic windows. The cabin is illuminated with LED light, heated and air-conditioned. The cabin can be equipped with a cupboard, washbasin, refrigerator, hob and microwave. The entrance to the cabin is provided by the door accessed from the platform around the locomotive. The cabin is 30% larger than the old one. The walls of the cabin were lined with plastic panels.

What distinguishes the NEWAG 18D locomotive is the possibility of driving with the use of batteries, thanks to the built-in battery pack.

NEWAG 18D T-T data:

The locomotive is microprocessor controlled. The locomotive has an energy storage for battery driving. The locomotive diagnostics is presented on the LCD touch screen in the driver's cab. The electric transmission uses an AC / DC current ratio. Traction motors type LSa 430, with a power of 4 x 173 kW. The locomotive has a supercapacitor for starting the internal combustion engine. The locomotive has an electronic speedometer with event recording.

American CATERPILAR C18 internal combustion engine, power of 563 kW (765 HP). Rated speed 1,800 revolutions per minute. Idle fuel consumption 4.5 l / h. Specific fuel consumption 220.4 g / kWh. Stage IIIB exhaust emissions.

Main generator EMIT Ghp 400M4C. Auxiliary generator Ghp 315 S4-1. INTECO S.A. microprocessor control system Battery drive energy accumulator INTECO S.A. Multiple driving possible.

Bo'Bo 'axle system. 1LN bogies. Service weight of 73,000 kg. Maximum load on one axle 17 500 kg. Wheel diameter 1.10 m. Overall length 14.24 m. Width 3.13 m. Height 4.40 m. Maximum speed 90 km / h. Service brake Knorr-Bremse. Compressor type - Screw KNORR SL40. Parking brake - spring.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman