Zlin Z-42. 1975.

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Zlin Z-42



Zlin Z-42. Dęblin 2012. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
Zlin Z-42. Dęblin 2012. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

Zlin Z-42. Photo by Bogdan Kozłowski
Zlin Z-42. Photo by Bogdan Kozłowski

Zlin Z-42. Dęblin 2017 rok. Zdjęcie Karol Placha Hetman
Zlin Z-42. Dęblin 2017 rok. Zdjęcie Karol Placha Hetman

History - Zlin company

The Zlin company was founded in 1934 as Zlinska Letacka Spolecnost A. S. The headquarters of Zlin was the city of Zlin, in Eastern Moravia, in the Czech Republic. The factory produced gliders and single-engine airplanes. Later, production expanded to the sports and agricultural aircraft segment.

In 1938, the Czech Republic was annexed by Germany. The company changed its name to Zlinskie Letecke Zavody A. S. The factory manufactured Klemm Kl 35 training planes and Bucker Bu 181 low-wing aircraft. Both planes were still produced after World War II. The aircraft were changed to C-1 and Z-181.

In 1945, after the Second World War, the factory was nationalized by the communists. The term - v Narodni sprave - has been added to the company name, which means - under national administration. In 1946, the factory was incorporated into the group - Automobilove Zavody. In 1948, the factory was incorporated into the Let aviation company with headquarters in Prague as Plant No. 7.

In 1953, the factory gained independence and adopted the new name Moravan. Then the good time for the company began. A lot of successful constructions were developed and built. Planes for the army and for the civil market were produced. A lot of planes were exported to the West and to socialist countries. The most popular was the Z-26 Trener aircraft. The Z-37 Ćmielak agricultural aircraft was produced. Two-seater school and sport aircraft Z-42/142 and four-seater Z-43 were built. There was the Z-50 aerobatic version.

In 1990, after the fall of communism, the company was transformed into a joint-stock company. Production of Z-42 and Z-43 aircraft continued, but their sales decreased. Mainly due to the collapse of communist countries and the collapse of the market. In 2002, the company was in financial trouble. The company was renamed Moravan-Airplanes A. S. The production of modernized Z-242 L and Z-143 L aircraft was launched, which were equipped with Lycoming engines, new avionics and modified airframe.

In 2005, despite the changes, the company declared bankruptcy. In 2006, the company was taken over by CzechAircraft, p. O. Owned by Irish Qucom Haps Holding Ltd., represented by Billy Harkin and renamed Moravan Aviation s.r.o. The production of aircraft was maintained and production of parts for other aircraft began. However, the recovery was short-lived. In 2010, the company was closed.

Already in 2009, a new company, Zlin Aircraft, took over, which took over the rights to manufacture Z-242 L and Z-143 L aircraft. Soon buildings, raw materials and personnel from Moravan Aviation were taken over. The new company continues to manufacture aircraft and expanded their range. The company also took care of general repairs of Zlin aircraft.

Zlin airplanes: Zlin Akrobat, Zlin Z-26 Trainer, Zlin Z-37 Ćmielak, Zlin Z-42, Zlin Z-43, Zlin Z-50, Zlin Z-126, Z-142, Z-143, Z-226 , Z-242, Z-326, Z-526, Z-726.

Zlin Z-42. 1967.

It was developed in 1967 by the designer Jan Mikul. The Z-42 was developed as a two-seater training and training aircraft, with seats next to each other. The Z-42 is a low-winged all-metal structure. The drive is an in-line engine with hanging pistons. The prototype (Z-41) made its first flight on October 17, 1967. Production started in 1970. In 1973, a fifty copy was built. Most aircraft were built in the 70s. The aircraft was modified many times. The aircraft under new designations is still being produced. To date (2020), more than 750 copies have been built. Z-42 aircraft are used in Europe, Africa, South and Central America.

The Z-41 prototype had an M-337 engine with less power. He had a metal two-blade adjustable propeller, but on the ground before flight.

Z-42 received a more powerful M-137 engine. The two-blade propeller could be replaced before the flight, depending on the task the aircraft was to perform: aerobatics or a tourist flight.

In 1971, the Z-42 L aircraft was developed, which was powered by the American Lycoming AIO-320-B1B engine with 118 kW (160 HP). At that time, only one prototype was built, which the first flight made on August 10, 1971.

In 1972, the Z-42 M plane was developed, which received a more powerful Czechoslovakian M-137 AZ engine and a new V-503A propeller. The first flight was made on November 15, 1972. Production of Z-42 M started in 1980. Over 130 copies were built.

Zlin Z-43 is a plane with an M-337 engine, with an adjustable propeller, designed for training in navigation and radio navigation and for tourist flights.

In 1978, the Z-142 aircraft was developed, which was approved for aerobatics. Z-142 made the first flight on December 27, 1978. The aircraft was developed in accordance with US PART 23 regulations. In the years 1980–1995 approximately 370 copies were built.

In 1983, the license to manufacture Z-142 aircraft was sold to Algeria, where the aircraft was produced under the designation ECA Fernas 142. About 50 copies were built.

Zlin Z-42 aircraft and derivative versions are used in Czechoslovakia, then the Czech Republic and Slovakia, East Germany and Germany, and then in Germany, Poland, Algeria, Egypt, Peru and Mexico.

Zlin Z-42 airplane in Poland. 1975.

In 1975, the Aero Club of the Polish People's Republic bought 13 Z-42 M. aircraft. The aircraft were delivered in 1976. They were intended for training pilots who had already undergone glider training.

Z-42 M aircraft were bought for the Institute of Aviation in the quantity of 10 copies. They were transferred, among others, to the Pilots School in Kętrzyn, where they were based at the Wilamowo airport. In 1983, Z-42 M aircraft were transferred to Aeroclubs.

About 60 Z-42 aircraft were used in Poland. He enjoyed a good reputation.

In Poland, the last Zlin Z-42 plane crash occurred in 2000. The crash site is Kętrzyn-Wilamowo Airport. Two pilots practiced low altitude flight and emergency landing. The pilots were in the air for 30 minutes. For some reason, the plane hit the ground at high speed. Both pilots were killed on the spot. The plane was completely wrecked.

In 2004, the Zlin Z-42 aircraft crash-landed due to a failure. The pilot successfully landed on the A-4 Krakow-Katowice highway. Nothing happened to anyone.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman

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238b Section 1975

Zlin Z-42



Construction Zlin Z-42

Two-seat self-supporting low-wing metal structure. Used as a school, aerobatic and tourist plane.

Simple, three-segment wings. The center wing has a small spread. The outline of the wings is rectangular with a small inflow in the center wing. The wings rise high and is 6 degrees. The structure is metal, one-girder with an auxiliary girder. Girders made of steel pipes, which were filled with nitrogen under pressure. The measurement of this pressure (its reduced value) informed about cracks in the girder. The leaf cover is made of clad duralumin sheet. The wings are equipped with flaps and slot ailerons with a grooved cover. The ailerons and flaps have the same span.

The fuselage structure is a spatial truss made of steel pipes. Pipe connections are welded. The cover is made of laminate. Half-shell tail. The engine is mounted to a cradle made of steel pipes. The aircraft was equipped with a glider towing hook.

The cabin is completely covered, limousine type. Give me a seat next to you. One dashboard.

Self-supporting, all-metal arrangement in a classic arrangement. Outline of the tail: horizontal - rectangular; vertical - trapezoidal. Rudders covered with grooved sheet metal. Three-support chassis, fixed with front wheel. The wheels can be covered with fairings.


Version Z-42 - in-line engine, hanging pistons Avia M-137A, with take-off power of 132.5 kW (180 HP).

Version Z-42 L - Lycoming AIO-320-B1B flat engine, 118 kW (160 HP).

Version Z-42 M - in-line engine, hanging pistons Avia M-137AZ, with take-off power of 132.5 kW (180 HP).

All engines are air-cooled. Fuel tanks were placed in the wings.

Data T-T Zlin Z-42

Span of 9.11 m

Length 7.05 m

2.69 m high

Bearing area 13.15 m2

Curb weight 645 kg

Take-off weight 900 kg

Maximum weight 920-970 kg

Maximum speed 315 km / h

Cruising speed 220 km / h

Landing speed 95 km / h

Climbing speed 4.8 - 5.2 m / s

Operating ceiling 3,800 - 4,250 m

Range 530 km

Flight time 2.5 hours

Run up 380 m

Run landing 400 m

Written by Karol Placha Hetman

Kraków 2020-01-14

238b Section 1975

Zlin Z-42



About 60 Z-42s aircraft were used in Poland since 1976.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman