The fifth anniversary of the Tu-154 M nb 101 assassination with President Lech Kaczyński. 2015-04-10


The fifth anniversary of the Smolensk assassination.   Five years have passed since the Smolensk assassination. Through the determination of many people, under the direction of the "Parliamentary Commission" headed by Mr. Antoni Macierewicz, we slowly come to the truth.

Moscow has not returned: the wreck, black boxes, collected documentation.

Many institutions around the world have participated in scientific research into the disaster. Everyone agrees on the nature of the disaster. There were several explosions in the air that tore the plane apart into thousands of parts. The explosions killed almost everyone on board the plane. The survivors died quickly as a result of their wounds.

In 2015, there was a change of government in Poland. "United Right" came to power. The Sejm Committee has obtained legal personality. The study included a twin Tu-154 M nb 102 aircraft that was not used for scientific research. On the basis of this aircraft, virtual models of parts of the aircraft and their methods of destruction were prepared.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman