Disasters and accidents of Su-22 aircraft in Poland. 2007.

Kraków 2007-09-01

Disasters and accidents of Su-22 planes in Poland.

Suchoj Su-22. 2009 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
Suchoj Su-22. 2009 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

1 On August 9, 1986, Su-22 M 4 nb 9514 No. 29514. The pilot survived by catapulting. Probably the first use of the K-36 ejection chair in Poland.

2 On October 23, 1986 at 10:37 PM. The Su-22 M 4 nb 7104 aircraft no. 27104. Lieutenant pilot Bogusław Siwiec - died. The pilot was carrying out a night task; Flight on an imitation of attacking ground targets in NZWA (night normal weather conditions).

During the night flight for simple piloting in the zone, in normal weather conditions, the pilot Su-22 M 4 incorrectly read the altimeter indications when introducing the aircraft into the dive: 1,200 m instead of 200 m. dive plane and the machine collided with the ground at a low angle in the area of ​​Waplewo. The pilot did not try to eject, he was not fully aware of the threat. The cause of the crash was a malfunction (error) of the pilot in flight during mock attacking a ground target at night. Cf. pil. Eng. Bogusław Siwieć son of Stanisław, b. 1958-07-08; a graduate of WOSL in 1982; senior pilot from the 6th PLMB in Piła; 2nd class pilot. Flight time: 614 h Flight time on Su-22 - about 73 hours. Honor his memory!

3 On 1989-05-17, at 07:57. Airplane Su-22 M 4 nb 4602 No. 24602. Pilot lieutenant Jacek Gabryś - died.

Task: training flight before the low altitude individual pilot show in DZWA (daily normal weather conditions). The show was organized for the then Prime Minister of Poland. Circumstances of the disaster: The pilot performed training before an individual pilot show at low altitude and in mowing flight. It resulted in exceeding the critical angles of attack in a deep bend at low altitude, stalling the plane and a collision with the ground at a distance of 480 m from the fence of the Piła airport. He made no attempt to eject and died. The plane was completely burned. The immediate causes of the catastrophe are a pilot error and organizational negligence.

Cf. pil. Eng. Jacek Gabryś son of Władysław, b. 1958-10-27; a graduate of WOSL in 1981; regiment navigator, programmer of the service section in the 6th PLMB in Piła; 1st class pilot. Flight time: 989 h on TS-11 Iskra, Su-22 aircraft. Flight time on Su-22 M 4 - about 384 hours. Resting place: the city cemetery in Piła. Honor his memory!

4 On 1989-12-20. The Su-22 UM 3 K nb 104 aircraft No. 66104 belonging to the 6th PLMB in Piła. The pilots catapulted successfully.

During the night landing at the airport in Piła, due to the excessive descent caused by the mistakes of the pilots, the plane caught on the tree tops. The pilots, thanks to the sufficient speed, lifted the machine upwards and managed to eject at a height of about 60 m. The plane fell several hundred meters from the Piła-Wałcz road. It exploded and burned completely.

5 On 1990-01-30, at 12:01. The Su-22 M 4 nb 3714 aircraft No. 37714 belonging to the 8th PLMB in Mirosławiec. Pilot Lt. Col. Andrzej Wyciślik - died.

Task: Flight on the technical flight of the plane. The pilot made a technical flight during the day, in normal weather conditions. At an altitude of 10,000 m, due to the freezing of water droplets in the main installation of air pressure receivers, erroneous indications of pilot and navigational instruments occurred. Incorrect operation of the pilot, resulting from reading incorrect indications of the instruments, led to the engine being switched off in the air. The pilot did not catapult, but made an attempt to land in a random area, near Czaplinek. On landing, the plane crashed, the pilot was killed. The cause of the catastrophe was the pilot taking an incorrect action as a result of misinterpreting the incorrect indications of the aneroid-diaphragm devices.

Lt. Col. Dipl. pil. Andrzej Wyciślik son of Czesław, b. 1950-11-03 in Nowa Ruda; graduate of WOSL from 1974-05-19, ASG from 1982, acting commander of the 8th PLMB in Mirosławiec; "M" class pilot. Flight time: 2,080 hours on TS-11 Iskra, SB Lim-2, Lim-2, Lim-6, Su-22 M 4. Flight time on Su-22 M 4 - about 520 hours Burial place: The cemetery in Wałcz Honor His Memory!

6 On 1991-06-21. The Su-22 M 4 nb 8614 aircraft No. 28614.

The pilot performed tasks over the training ground in Nadarzyce. The pilot led to a stall, but happily catapulted. The plane was crashed.

7 On 1993-06-04. The Su-22 M 4 nb 3619 aircraft belonging to the 6th PLMB in Piła. The pilot catapulted successfully.

There was a failure and engine shutdown during take-off. The pilot successfully catapulted at an altitude of 20 meters. After this incident, he returned to flying. The plane burned down after hitting the ground. The cause of the failure was improper maintenance.

8 On 1995-04-04. The Su-22 M 4 nb 3818 aircraft No. 37818.

During the flight near Nowa Wieś, the pilot caused a stall. Happily he catapulted. The plane was crashed.

9 On July 25, 1995, at 8:33 am. Su-22 nb 4610 aircraft No. 24601 with 6 PLMB in Piła. During the drop of a bomb at the training ground in Nadarzyce, it exploded prematurely and the pilot major Jerzy Stramek was killed.

Task: Experimental flight to the Nadarzyce training ground as part of the acceptance test of a trial batch of bombs. Circumstances of the crash: The crash took place during an experimental flight on the Su-22 M 4 aircraft at the Nadarzyce training ground. The pilot was to carry out a mowing flight of six aerial bombs with fuses of a new type, a volley of two bombs. In the first incident, the pilot dropped two bombs from a height of about 40 m. After dropping the bombs in the second incident, 1.2 seconds after the drop, the bomb on the left side unexpectedly exploded under the fuselage of the plane, 18 m from the fuselage, when the parachute opened braking. The plane found itself in the so-called in the zero explosion zone, it was violently hit by shrapnel, heat and shock waves. The fuel leaking from the unsealed tanks ignited. 5 seconds after the explosion, the plane collided with the ground and exploded. The pilot was killed. Cause: The cause of the crash was a premature explosion in the air of one of the bombs, shortly after they were dropped in mowing flight. The explosion was caused by a design defect in the bomb. The plane, struck by debris and waves of thermal and shock blast, lost control and caught fire.

Pilot, Major pil. Eng. Jerzy Stramek, b. 1953-03-20; graduate of WOSL from 1977-12-05; senior flight safety inspector from the 40th PLM-B in Świdwin; 1st class pilot. The plane belonged to the 6th PLMB in Piła, the pilot performed the flight as a replacement. Flight time: 1786 h on TS-11 Iskra, Lim-5, Su-22 aircraft. Flight time on Su-22 - 853 hours Resting place: the municipal cemetery in Świdwin. Honor his memory!

10 On 1995-11-07, at 10:03 am. The Su-22 UM 3 K nb 610 aircraft No. 68610 with the crew of Lt. Bogdan Kawka and Lt. Col. Wacław Macko in the vicinity of Czaplinek collided with the ground during acrobatics. Pilots died.

Task: Methodical flight for medium pilotage at medium and low altitude. Circumstances of the crash: The crew performed a medium pilot flight, at medium and low altitude, during the day, under normal weather conditions. On the ascending track, the crew made a half-roll to the left and increased the height to 4,450 m in inverted flight with a rollover transition. In the upper position of the figure, the flight speed decreased to 301 km / h. After that, the plane dived vertically to a height of 3,840 m at a speed of 595 km / h and an angle of attack of 17 degrees, with an overload of 2.13 g. In the second phase of the rollover, the pace of performing the figure slowed down significantly, the overload decreased, the altitude quickly decreased and the speed increased. The plane crashed flat with the ground with a course of 331 degrees and a speed of 1,000 km / h, having a small angle of inclination. It was slightly tilted to the right wing.

Cause: The cause of the crash was the improper execution of the second phase of the coup. More difficult weather conditions prevailed in the zone. The crew did not make a timely effective attempt to get the plane out of the dive or leave the plane at a safe height.

Lt. Col. Dipl. pil. Eng. Bogdan Kawka son of Stefan, b. 1953-05-22, in the town of Lidzbark Welski; graduate of WOSL from 1977-12-05, ASG WP from 1987; senior flight safety inspector 3. DLMB; "M" class pilot. Flight time: 1,582 hours on the following planes: SB Lim-2, Lim-2, Lim-6, Su-22. The raid on the Su-22 UM 3 K - about 574 hours. He was buried in the cemetery in Bydgoszcz, honor to his memory!

Lt. Col. Dipl. pil. Eng. Wacław Macko son of Tadeusz, b. 1954-09-25, in Łomża; a graduate of WOSL in 1978, ASG WP in 1988; deputy line commander 3 DLMB; 1st class pilot. Flight time: 1 300 h 30 minutes on the following airplanes: TS-11 Iskra, SB Lim-2, Lim-2, Lim-5, MiG-21, Su-22. Flight time on Su-22 UM 3 K - around 248 hours. He was buried at the cemetery in Piła. Honor his memory!

11 On 2001-06-13, at 00:33. The Su-22 UM 3 nb 102 plane. Night landing of the crew composed of Maj. Maciej Górkiewicz and Sec. Arkadiusz Madej at the airport in Powidz ended with the death of the crew.

Task: A training flight in an obscured cabin in order to master the technique of piloting an airplane with duplicating instruments according to exercise 112. Circumstances of the crash: The catastrophe took place at the airport in Powidz, during the landing of the Su-22 UM 3 K plane in NTWA. After the flight, the crew obtained the approval of the approach controller to return to the airport. After the plane was taken to the landing course, during the second incident, during the runway search in conditions of rainfall and heavy fog, the machine collided with the ground at a distance of 1,340 m from the DS-2 start. The plane was moving along the fuselage on the ground, cutting down tree trunks with its wings. The leakage of the fuel system caused a fire in the plane. The plane stopped at a distance of 163 meters from the first trace of contact with the ground. Cause: The cause of the crash was an incorrect decision of the aircraft commander to perform a re-landing in atmospheric conditions below the minimum specified for the crew, aerodrome and airplane. Instead of sending the plane back to an alternate airport, the airport controller allowed the pilot to land at his own airport.

Instructor: Lt. Col. Dipl. pil. Eng. Maciej Górkiewicz son of Ryszard, b. 1965-01-09, in Bydgoszcz; a graduate of WOSL in 1987; deputy commander of the 6th ELT in Powidz; "M" class pilot, posthumously promoted to the rank of colonel. Flight time: 1,812 hours on planes: Zlin, TS-11 Iskra, Su-20, Su-22. Buried in the cemetery in Witków. Honor His Memory!

Lieutenant pilot Arkadiusz Madej. He was buried in the cemetery in Szydłowiec. Honor his memory!

12 On August 19, 2003, around 3:45 p.m., during the anti-aircraft exercises at the Ustka training ground, there was an air accident Su-22 M 4 nb 9307 No. 29307 from 8 ELT (tactical aviation squadron) from Mirosławiec. Pilot Lt. Col. Andrzej Andrzejewski, as a result of a sense of danger, catapulted. After the rescue operation, the pilot was picked up by the Mi-14 PS helicopter from the base in Darłowo. The pilot was transported to the field hospital in Wicko Morskie. The Commission found that due to a disagreement in the decision-making process, two Kub anti-aircraft missiles were fired during the combat shooting while the aircraft carrier of the SRCP-WR air target simulator had not yet left the firing zone. As a result, a Kub rocket warhead exploded near the plane. The pilot made the right decision to leave the plane.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman