Depułtycze Królewskie Airport. Part 1. 2017

Kraków 2017-06-12

Depułtycze Królewskie airport

Airport in Depułtycze Królewskie on the map of Poland. 2017 year.
Airport in Depułtycze Królewskie on the map of Poland. 2017 year.

Full name of the Airport - Chełm Depułtycze Królewskie Airport. The airport is owned by the State Higher Vocational School in Chełm.

The State Higher Vocational School in Chełm was established on July 24, 2001. Address ul. Pocztowa 54 22-100 Chełm. It was established on the basis of a regulation of the Council of Ministers. The school has six institutes, including the Institute of Technical Sciences and Aviation. This institute has three fields of study: construction, electrical engineering, and mechanics and mechanical engineering. Graduates of the "Airplane Piloting" specialization in the field of Mechanics and Machine Building also have the opportunity to obtain an ATPL frozen license. ATPL frozen means the rights are frozen, i.e. the rights are there, but there is insufficient practice - a flight time of 500 or even 1000 hours.

Due to the fact that the school also educates pilots, it was decided to build its own airport. A suitable area was laid at a distance of about 7 kilometers from Chełm to the south in the village of Depułtycze Królewskie. The airport was commissioned in 2008 as the Landing Site. It has been operating as an airport since 2014. It has received the ICAO code - EPCD. It has the coordinates of 51 ° 04′59.96 ″ N 23 ° 26′14.30 ″ E. Elevation: 217 m (712 ft) above sea level. A field of ground ascents. As standard, it has two parallel runways (DS) RWY, in the direction of 013/193. First RWY 013/193 (01R / 19L), 722 x 50 m, N51 ° 04'57.8 "E23 ° 26'15.9". Second RWY / Second RWY 013/193 (01L / 19R), 600 x 50 m, N51 ° 05'00.1 "E23 ° 26'14.1". Both runways are marked. Contact / Contact - PWSZ Aviation Center in Chełm tel. +48 82 564 00 28. Radio - Depułtycze-Radio 119.575 Hz.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman