Historia Konstrukcja Zestawienie

RWD-DWL RWD-5. 1931r.

Cracow, October 2, 2018

00131b Section August 7, 1931.




In the autumn of 1932, the first two planes with the SP-AJA "Kolejarz I" and SP-AJB "Kolejarz II" signs were built. The planes were transferred to the Warsaw Aeroclub, and they were built from the contributions of PKP employees. In the years 1933-1934, another 14 aircraft were built. They received recognition marks: SP-ARP, SP-AKZ, SP-AJP, SP-AJU, SP-LOP, SP-LOT, SP-ALN, SP-ALR, SP-ALS, SP-ALT, SP-ALU, SP -ALW, SP-ALY, SP-ALZ, SP-ALX, SP-AMU, SP-AOB. The last plane (SP-BGX) was built in 1937. In total, 20 RWD-5 and RWD-5 bis aircraft were built. The planes were transferred to the Polish Aeroclub, and one to LOT Polish Airlines.

In 2000, one more plane was built, the 21st - RWD-5 R SP-LOT.


Written by Karol Placha Hetman