Historia Konstrukcja Zestawienie

RWD-DWL RWD-13. 1935r.

Cracow, November 12, 2018

00135b Section January 15, 1935.

Plant RWD-DWL RWD-13






The wings were made of wood. They were covered with plywood and canvas. Automatic slots and slot ailerons were left on the wings, however, giving up the flaps. For easier hangaring, the wings were folded along the plane.

The fuselage was made of steel pipes. In addition, it received wooden frames and stringers, made of plywood, to give the right shape. The whole fuselage was covered with plywood and canvas. The front part is covered with aluminum.

The cabin is intended for three people. Two people sit in the front and one in the back. The visibility from the cabin is very good. Armchairs are made of metal, made of tubes, covered with light upholstery. The cockpit has double steering wheels. Dashboard equipped with basic pilot and navigation instruments. The walls and ceiling in the cabin were covered with upholstery.

4-cylinder, in-line, inverted PZInż engine. (lic. Walter) Major A with 130 HP (95 kW). Two-blade propeller, fixed, wooden. Two fuel tanks in the wings with a total capacity of 140 liters of fuel.

Technical data RWD-13

Spread 11.50 m

Length 7.85 m

Height 2.05 m

Own weight 530 kg

Starting weight 930 kg

Top speed 210 km / h

Cruising speed 180 km / h

Landing speed 67 km / h

Lifting speed 3.8 m / s

Ceiling 4,200 m

Range 900 km


Written by Karol Placha Hetman