Polish Aviation Industry - Part 09

Kraków 2015-02-03

Polish Aviation Industry.

Part 9

Polish Aviation Works PZL in Warsaw.

PZL-23 Karaś. 2012 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
PZL-23 Karaś. 2012 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

PZL aircraft (without PZL P.11 class fighters).

PZL Spad S-61 - 1928, fighter, license.

PZL Wibault 7 / Wibault 70 - April 1929, fighter aircraft, license.

PZL Ł-2 - December 1929, liaison officer.

PZL-3 - design, bomber driven by four engines, designed under the direction of Władysław Zalewski. The program has not been implemented.

PZL-5 - May 1930, school and sports.

PZL-8 - 1930, design of a school seaplane and liaison-patrol aircraft. school seaplane project, 1-engine biplane.

PZL-9 - 1930, design of the observation and connecting seaplane.

PZL-10 - 1931, project of a bomber plane.

PZL-12 / PZL-H - 1931, sport, school, observation and patrol amphibian. A prototype was built.

PZL-13 - 1931, design of a 6-passenger passenger plane.

PZL-14 - 1931, sport and tourist aircraft design.

PZL-15 - 1931, observation and patrol seaplane design.

PZL-17 - 1931, design of a passenger plane.

PZL-18 - 1931, project of a bomber and torpedo seaplane.

PZL-4 (T-600) - first flight on January 8, 1932, passenger aircraft, developed from the T-200. 3-engine high wing aircraft.

PZL-16 - the first flight, early 1932, a passenger aircraft, single engine, high-wing aircraft.

PZL-19 - the first flight in May 1932, tourist, professional, sport aircraft, 1-engine low wing aircraft. The second version of PZL-19/2 flown in January 1933, and the version PZL-19/3 in August 1933.

PZL-20 - 1932, design of the school-fighter aircraft.

PZL-22 - 1933, experimental tailless, prototype built was not flown.

PZL P-23 Karaś - 1934, reconnaissance and bomber aircraft. light bomber, 1-engine low wing aircraft.

PZL-26 - 1934, tourist and professional aircraft. sporty, 1-engine low wing aircraft.

PZL-27 - the first flight in September 1934, airliner, mail. Passenger, prototype, 3-engine high wing aircraft.

PZL P-28 - fighter plane design.

PZL Żbik - 1935, reconnaissance aircraft design reaching a high ceiling. Then the design of maritime distant recognition.

PZL-33 - 1935, design of fighter and training-fighter aircraft.

PZL-30 Żubr / LWS-4 / LWS-6 - 1936, design of a passenger plane, followed by a bomber plane.

PZL-37 Łoś - 1936, an excellent bomber plane.

PZL-39 / LWS-1 / LWS-4 - 1936, fighter plane design.

PZL-42 - 1936, reconnaissance and bomber aircraft. A prototype was built.

PZL inż. Kazimierz Korsak - 1936, project, two-beam fighter aircraft.

PZL-43 Czajka - 1937, is a Karaś plane for Bulgaria.

PZL-38 Wilk - 1938, fighter and attack aircraft, first the variety was flown with Ranger engines (April 1938), and then with Polish seal engines (February 1939).

PZL-40 / LWS-3 Mewa - 1938, observation and reconnaissance aircraft.

PZL-44 Wicher - first flight on 13/03/1938, passenger, prototype tested, 2-engine low wing aircraft.

PZL-46 Sum - 1938, reconnaissance and bomber aircraft. light bomber, 1-engine low wing aircraft.

PZL Wyżeł - 1938, training.

PZL-45 Sokół - 1939, design of the fighter aircraft.

PZL-48 Lampart - 1939, design of a fighter and bomber aircraft, 2-engine.

PZL-49 Miś - 1939, bomber plane design, 2 engine.

PZL-50 Jastrząb - 1939, prototype of a fighter aircraft.

PZL-53 Jastrząb II - 1939, fighter design.

PZL-54 Ryś - 1939, design of fighter and bomber aircraft.

PZL-55 / PZL-62 - 1939, design of a fighter aircraft.

PZL-56 Kania - 1939, design of the fighter aircraft.

PZL-63 - 1939, design of a fighter aircraft.

PZL Łosoś - 1939, design of a diving bomber plane.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman