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Lisunow Li-2 1945

Kraków 2008-10-16

016b Section April 1945

Lisunow Li-2


Transport plane


The Li-2 is a two-engined transport plane, built in many varieties and versions. The basic ones are passenger and freight versions. Classic, metal, low-wing construction.

Straight, three-part wings. A center wing fixed permanently to the fuselage with engine nacelles. The outer parts of the wings are subtracted.

A fuselage with a circular cross-section. Composed of three parts. A crew cabin was placed in the front. The middle part is the cargo space. The back part holds the classic tail.

The tail of the plane is classic. Ballasts covered with canvas.

Landing gear of the plane with tail support. Main chassis with single wheels with double shanks. Main landing gear hidden in chambers in engine nacelles. They partially protrude from the gondola.


The DC-3 (C-47) is powered by 14-cylinder piston engines, in a double radial, Pratt-Whitney Twin Wasp R-1830-92, air cooled with a starting power of 2 x 883 kW (2 x 1,200 HP). In the DC-3 aircraft, Hamilton-Standard propellers were used with a diameter of 3.5 m.

The Li-2 has weaker engines. Wright Cyclone R-1820 license engines were used, air-cooled, 9-cylinder single-star, 2 x 736 kW (2 x 1,000 HP), initially identified in CCCP M-1820, then M-62 / ASz -621 R. The Li-2 propellers are metal, 3-blade type, AW-7N-161 type with a diameter of 3.5 m.

Data T-T Lisunow Li-2

Crew: three-six

Capacity: 26 passengers

Wingspan: 28.83 m (94 ft 6 in)

Length: 19.65 m (64 ft 5 in)

Height: 5.15 m (16 ft 11 in)

Surface of the wings: 91,70 m2

Empty weight: 7,150 kg

Total weight: 11,500 kg

Load weight: 4,000 kg

Maximum speed: 280 km/h

Cruise speed: 220 km/h

Speed of climb: 5,0 m/s

Maximum range: 2,400 km

Maximum flight limit: 5,600 m

Powerplant: 2 × A. Szewcowa ASz-62IR 3-bladed VISh-21, 746 kW (1,000 hp) each

Written by Karol Placha Hetman