Historia Konstrukcja Zestawienie

Główny Instytut Lotnictwa SP-GIL. 1950r.

Krakow September 11. 2018

080b Section April 4, 1950

The Main Institute of Aviation SP-GIL (BŻ-1 GIL)




SP-GIL is a two-seater helicopter in a classic layout. The shovels had a wooden structure, covered with plywood. The fuselage structure in the cabin and motor part was a spatial lattice made of steel tubes, whereas the tail beam was a plywood tube. Open cabin. The tail propeller had blades made of multilayer wood. Three-link chassis with front wheel, fixed.

A 4-cylinder, Hirth HM 504 A2 government engine with a nominal power of 105 HP was used for the drive.

The SP-GIL helicopter never caught fire, which was a big problem for planes before the Second World War. The designers successfully moved the exhaust pipe away from the fuel system.



Length 8.50 m

Height 3.00 m

Rotor diameter 8.80 m

Own weight 510 kg

Useful mass 100 kg

Starting weight 610 kg

Cruising speed 80 km / h

Lifting speed 2.5 - 4.5 m / s

Ceiling 2 000 m


Written by Karol Placha Hetman