Caproni Ca.87 Polonia 1929.

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00129A Section 15.06.1929. Caproni Caproni CA.87 airplane with the name of your own Polonia. The plane was planned from Europe to America over the Atlantic Ocean.

The Polonia plane.

The Caproni CA.87 plane was ordered at the end of 1927, through the Polish Committee, which, from the contributions of the American Polonia, intended to achieve the flight through the Atlantic Ocean, made by the Polish Crew. The impulse was a successful flight of Charles Lindberg. The flight was scheduled for July 1929. He was supposed to be made in the west from Europe to America, that is, in a more difficult direction.

Polonia plane was ordered at the Caproni factory in one copy. The base for the plane was the Caproni CA.73ter construction, which has been subjected to high modifications. The hull was made in a way that allows safe launching, i.e. AVION-Marin. Inside the hull there are additional fuel tanks, which were to provide a range of over 5,000 km.

The number of engines to four have been increased. The prototype had two engines. The engines were placed under two in two gondolas. Front engines had a two-blade propeller, pulling. Rear engines had four-shoveling propellers, pushing. Motors 4 × Isotta-Fraschini Asso 200, 4 x 195 kW. Selected engines were to provide low emergency.

The plane received the Caproni CA.87 Polonia. The plane, as planned, was completed in May 1929. The first test flight was made on June 15, 1929. Despite four engines, the maximum speed was only 180 km / h.

The Polonia plane. 1929 year. Picture of LAC
The Polonia plane. 1929 year. Picture of LAC

Image Description: Participants of the ceremony in front of the Caproni plane CA.87 Polonia. Visible: Cardinal August Hlond (inside), activist of the American Polonia Adamkiewicz (first on the left), Lieutenant Pilot Reserve from PLL LOT Włodzimierz Klisz (second on the left), Captain Pilot from the 3rd aviation regiment Adam S. Kowalczyk (Fourth on the left) , Consul General of Poland in Milan Otton Hubicki (first on the right). On the plane a visible emblem of Poland.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman