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Published on: 2020-01-16
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Antonow An-24



Transport plane.

Airplanes used in the 36th Special Transport Aviation Regiment.

1 An-24 W No. 67302801 nb 011 delivered on 20.10.1966. on state 36 SPLT at Okęcie. On April 3, 1969 the plane was handed over to LOT Polish Airlines where they received SP-LTO registrations and the Odra proper name.

2 An-24 W No. 67302802 nb 012 delivered on 20.10.1966. on state 36 SPLT at Okęcie. On April 3, 1969 the aircraft was handed over to LOT Polish Airlines and received SP-LTP registrations and the Poprad own name.

3 An-24 W No. 87304504 nb 014 delivered on August 10, 1968. up to 36 SPLT. This copy served the longest of all military An-24s. On January 29, 1977. was transferred to LOT Polish Airlines and received SP-LTZ registration. After some time, he returned to the army, which rebuilt it into a flying command post.

4 An-24 W No. 97305701 nb 011 (again) delivered on December 24, 1969. up to 36 SPLT. On 10.10.1973 was transferred to LOT, where it received the SP-LTT registration and the name Noteć.

5 An-24 W No. 97305702 nb 012 (again) delivered on December 24, 1969. up to 36 SPLT. On February 28, 1973. has suffered a disaster near Goleniów.

Airplanes used in LOT Polish Airlines.

1 An-24 In SP-LTA No. 57302203 Purchased in 1966. He finished flying in 1990.

2 An-24 In SP-LTB No. 57302205. Purchased in 1966. An attempted abduction to Germany on 10.01.1981.

3 An-24 W SP-LTC No. 5730220.

4 An-24 W SP-LTD No. 57302209. Delivered in 1966. On November 2, 1988, it suffered a disaster near Rzeszów. One person was killed.

5 An-24 W SP-LTE. On January 24, 1969, the An-24 SP-LTE aircraft approached the landing at Strachowice airport near Wrocław. The crew approached the landing in weather conditions below the minimum allowed. The airport reported that visibility was 800 m, and after a while that it was only 400 m. The minimum was 1,100 m. The plane landed a lot in front of the airport. Damaged railway traction on the Wrocław-Wałbrzych route, power poles and several trees. Eventually, the plane stopped in the field. Fortunately, no one was killed and nobody was seriously injured. Only pilots were hospitalized. All passengers were taken by PLL LOT bus to the center of Wrocław. The plane was scrapped and pilots lost their licenses. The accident was not publicized.

6 An-24 W SP-LTF. It suffered a catastrophe during a collision with a mountain in which 53 people died on April 2, 1969.

7 An-24 W SP-LTG No. 67302504.

8 An-24 W SP-LTH No. 67302505.

9 An-24 W SP-LTJ No. 67302506.

10 An-24 W SP-LTK No. 67302507.

11 An-24 W SP-LTL.

12 An-24 W SP-LTM.

13 An-24 W SP-LTN.

14 An-24 W SP-LTO Odra No. 67302801. Initially military. Look up.

15 An-24 In SP-LTP Poprad No. 67302802. Initially military. Look up. He flew back in 1992.

16 An-24 W SP-LTR No. 07306008.

17 An-24 In SP-LTS.

18 An-24 W SP-LTT Noteć No. 97305701. Initially military. Look up.

19 An-24 W SP-LTU. On March 26, 1981 suffered a catastrophe at the landing in Słupsk. One person was killed.

20 An-24 W SP-LTZ No. 87304504. Military. Look up.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman