Anti-missile shield in Poland. 2022.

Kraków 2022-04-07

Słupsk Anti-Missile Shield. 2022.

The fact that post-communists and freemasons in Poland do not like the American Anti-Missile Shield, and especially the Radar Base near Słupsk, is no secret. The Germans, especially the Moscow state, were also hostile to the base near Słupsk, which is not surprising. The fact that the Moscow state was in dispute with NATO and the USA over a base in Pomerania is no secret. The US offered the Russian forces to inspect its systems in Redzikowo, assuring that it had only defensive advantages. The Moscow state, even before invading Ukraine, rejected this proposal. Moreover, the base's defensive capabilities are not even aimed at fighting missiles fired from the Kaliningrad Oblast. On February 24, 2022, the State of Moscow brutally invaded sovereign Ukraine. Therefore, the work capacities of the bases in Poland and Romania will be expanded.

AN / SPY-1D. 2022 year. The work by Karol Placha Hetman
AN / SPY-1D. 2022 year. The work by Karol Placha Hetman

Fortunately, the American Base near Słupsk was established. From 2022, the base is operational.

The Americans indicate that the next bases to be built in Poland will be mobile, not permanent. They will be able to be prepared for operation anywhere in Poland within a few hours. The new bases will operate on land, sea, air and space networks. Final decisions on this issue of the mobile shield lie within the competence of the Pentagon.

The main element of the radar base is equipped with several antennas. Four SPY-1D (V) radar antennas were installed, which work on different waves and detect all air threats over Central Europe. The device has a 360-degree field of view and is capable of continuous and reliable operation 365 days a year. The base system includes a modern command system and an extensive communication system. The database uses all available sources of information.

The base in Redzikowo is under the American NAVY. 130 - 140 American soldiers are working in the base. Responsible for the base near Słupsk is Vice Admiral Jon A. Hill, head of the Missile Defense Agency, the American Anti-Ballistic Defense Agency. Vice Admiral Jon A. Hill reported that the contractor encountered power, heating and cooling issues during the construction of the base which had been resolved. The bases in Redzikowo and Romanian Devesel constitute one whole. Vice Admiral Jon A. Hill visited Redzikowo in person, inter alia, in September 2019.

Let us recall that the concept of the anti-missile defense shield intended by the administration of President George W. Bush was different. It assumed that in Redzikowo there were to be launchers and missiles, and that the radar station was to be in the Czech Republic. Changing the original concept and replacing it with a land-based version of the Aegis system successfully used by the US Navy was an idea born and implemented during the presidency of Barack Obama.

The Aegis Ashore system, which is installed near Słupsk, defends Europe, NATO and the territory of the United States against a ballistic attack from the Middle East. The base in Poland is the last element of this system, which, apart from the operating and analogous base in Romania, also consists of a radar in Turkey and several missile destroyers constantly circulating in the Mediterranean Sea, for which the Spanish Rota is a temporary port.

Missiles, which are used to integrate the entire system, have already arrived in Poland. Ultimately, next to the radar at the former military airport, there will be launchers with 24 SM-3 Block IIA missiles of the Aegis system, capable of detecting and knocking down rockets. The base in Poland is the second installation of this type in Europe, after its sister base in Romanian Devesel. Both are based on the Aegis system technology successfully used by the US Navy to guide and destroy targets not only in the air. In addition to the American fleet, it is used by some Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Australian and Norwegian ships. Anti-missiles launched from Redzikowo do not carry any payload, they are kinetic missiles that have been developed since 1981.

The area of ​​the Radar Base near Słupsk is extraterritorial and its area is leased by the Americans. An attack on the base would mean an attack on the US. The cost of building the base is over $ 844 million and the total costs were covered by the US.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman