Accidents and plane crashes Suchoj Su-20 in Poland.

Kraków 2019-09-19

Accidents and crashes of Suchoj Su-20 planes in Poland.

Su-20 nb 4242. 2007. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
Su-20 nb 4242. 2007. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

1 Captain pilot Tadeusz Kołodziejczyk was killed as the first on the Su-20 plane, still in Krasnodar, in CCCP.

2 Su-20 No.6601 nb 01 manufactured February 1974, delivered 1974-04-26. The plane crashed 1976-02-03, near Kazimierz Biskupi. Pilot Cpt. Jerzy Doliniec was killed. The disaster occurred as a result of failure of aggregates and engine stalling. The failure occurred at the manufacturer, who found his fault and provided a new plane, Su-20 nb 7125 as compensation.

3 Su-20 nr 74829 nb 6139. Built in December 1975. On March 18, 1976, it crashed at the Solec Kujawski training ground. Captain Ryszard Pawłowski, the pilot, catapulted successfully.

4 Su-20 No. 74727 nb 6137. Produced in December 1975. On 1978-03-13, he captured during take-off. The pilot was Captain Pilot Stanisław Walczak.

5 Su-20 No. 74313 nb 6263. Produced in December 1975. Delivered 1976-04-09. The plane crashed 1978-05-22, near the Bednary alternate airport. Pilot lieutenant Antoni Dziadowski (?) Was killed.

6 Su-20 No. 74930 nb 6130. Produced in December 1975. On March 10, 1986 (?) It was wrecked at the maritime training ground in Ustka. Captain Czesław Gibaszewski catapulted successfully.

7 Su-20 No. 6603 nb (03) 4243. Made in February 1974, delivered 1974-04-26. Destroyed on 1987-09-07, in the area of Lake Powidz. The pilot, Major Andrzej Pawłowski (?) Catapulted successfully.

8 Su-20 No. 74311 nb 6251. Manufactured in December 1975, delivered 1976-04-07. Destroyed on August 1, 1990, at the training ground in Nadarzyce. The pilot, Lieutenant Jerzy Gruszczyński, successfully catapulted. Writer, journalist and author of many aviation articles.

9 Su-20 No. 76304 nb 6254. Manufactured in January 1976. On 1993-07-14, wrecked near Września. Captain Robert Dudzik (?) Catapulted successfully.

10 Su-20 No. 74724 nb 6134. Produced in October 1975. Delivered 1976-04-13. Broken 1995-05-31, at 10:56 am, in Młynica near Strzelin. Captain pilot Grzegorz Falenta - died.

Task: Training flight to the zone in order to improve the technique of performing medium pilot figures at low altitude. Circumstances of the crash: The pilot made a training flight to the zone in order to improve the technique of performing medium pilot figures at low altitude in DZWA. In the zone he made successively: full left and right turns, left combat turn, dive, right combat turn, dive, imelman. He led the plane out of the imelman with a half-barrel, then increased the RPM to the maximum and, after accelerating the plane, led it up the hill. At an altitude of 700 m, he made a barrel to the left, rising with a tilt angle of 35 degrees. At an altitude of 1,950 m, he made a half-barrel with a rollover. At the top of the figure, it reached a height of 2,400 m, a speed of 750 km / h and an angle of attack less than 10 degrees. The height of the roll-over and the rollover height as well as the height in the upper position of the figure were too low. The correct entry height is 3500 m. The pilot, therefore, was not able to get the plane out of the descent. 9 seconds after reaching the top position in the figure, at an altitude of about 700 m, the pilot created an overload of 4.2 g. At that time, the flight speed was 960 km / h. When the pilot noticed that the plane was rapidly approaching the ground, he began to vigorously lead the machine out of the dive, but did not avoid a collision with the ground. The plane crashed in the area of ​​Młyn near Strzelno. The pilot's mistake was to roll the plane over at too high speed, at too low altitude. He was deflecting the control stick disproportionately towards himself. The mistake may have been the result of a misreading of the altimeter (on the same day the pilot performed a control flight on the Su-22 aircraft equipped with a digital-dial altimeter indicator, other than in the Su-20 aircraft).

Cause: The cause of the crash was the pilot's error in that the plane was thrown into a rollover at too low altitude with increased flight speed. He made the first phase of the figure too slowly and, unable to correct the error, he caused the plane to collide with the ground.

Pilot: Capt. pil. Eng. Grzegorz Falenta s. Józefa, b. 1964-01-24, graduate of WOSL in 1987, senior pilot at 7th PLB-R in Powidz, 2nd class pilot. The Town Council of Strzelna founded an obelisk commemorating the pilot. Flight time: 733 h on planes: TS-11 Iskra, Lim-6, Su-7, Su-20, Su-22. Flight time on Su-20 - around 173 hours. Burial place: Cemetery in Ryki.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman