44 NAVY Air Base Siemirowice and Darłowo. 2003

Kraków 2019-06-18

44 NAVY Air Base

44 NAVY Air Base in Siemirowice and Darłowo


The emblem the 44 NAVY Air Base
The emblem the 44 NAVY Air Base

The 44th Naval Air Base was established on January 1, 2003 at Siemirowice airport and Darłowo airport, through the transformation of the Security Battalions in Siemirowice and Darłowo. The main task of the 44th Base was to secure the operation of the 29th Air Squadron and the 30th Air Squadron.

The holiday base is celebrated on May 13. In 2007, the branch badge was set. On May 11, 2007, the branch received a standard.

On January 1, 2011, the 44th NAVY Air Base was reformed into the 44th NAVY Aviation Base. The structure of the new unit included also those stationed at the airports in Siemirowice and Darłowo (29 Darłowska Air Force Squadron and 30 Kaszubska Air Squadron).

The main tasks of the 44th NAVY Air Base include: securing the Polish SAR Zone in the Baltic Sea, transporting people and equipment to the NAVY, searching for, tracking and destroying submarines using ZOP forces and cooperation with ships.

The base has: PZL Mi-2, Mil Mi-14 PŁ, Mil Mi-14 PŁ / R, PZL W-3WARM Anaconda, PZL M-28B B1R, M28B 1RM / BIS, PZL An-28 E (ecological monitoring).

On November 3, 2011, by decision of the Ministry of National Defense No. 402 / MON, a commemorative badge and a reconnaissance sign of the 44th NAVY Air Base were introduced. On August 10, 2012, the branch received a standard. The 44th NAVY Air Base based on Decision No. 290 / MON of October 8, 2013 adopted the distinctive name "Kaszubsko-Darłowska".

Since 2006, The 44th Base inherits traditions: the 50th Battalion Service of Naval Airports (1949-1965), the 50th Battalion of Supply (1965-1991), the 5th Battalion Security (1995-2003), the 304th Squadron of Defense of the Coast. Of the Silesian Land, Aircraft Squadron of the Air Force Squadron, 30th Regiment of the NAVY, 30th Air Assault Regiment of the NAVY, 30th Regiment of Fighter-Assault Regiment NAVY, 7th Regiment of Aviation Fighter-Assault NAVY, 7th Regiment of Fighter and Bomber Aviation NAVY, 7 Special Air Force Regiment, 3rd Kashubian Air Squadron, 30th Kaszubia Air Force Squadron, 28th Rescue Aviation Squadron, 16th Special Aviation Regiment, 40th Helicopters Squadron Fighting Submarines and Rescue, 2nd Darłowski Air Squadron, 29th Darłowska Squadron Air, 50th Battalion of NAVY Airport Service, 50th Battalion of Supply. 5th Battalion Security, 44th Air Base.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman