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33 Transport Aviation Base

33 Transport Aviation Base in Powidz


The emblem the 33rd Air Base
The emblem the 33rd Air Base

Until 2000, at the Airport in Powidz, the 7th Fighter-Bomber Regiment was stationed, which were equipped with the Su-22 planes.

33 Transport Aviation Base

33 Transport Aviation Base inherits the traditions of branches stationed in Garrison Powidz. The Powidz airport was put into operation in 1955 as an intermediate base for the strategic aviation CCCP. In the Polish reality, the airport should have a host. Therefore, on April 30, 1956, the Chief of Staff of the Polish Army commanded the commander of the Air Forces and Air Defense of the Country Area to form, by 1.10.1956, at the airport in Powidz 38. PLM as a branch of JW. 5401. But already in 1956, 38th PLM was transferred to Modlin Airport.

On July 4, 1957, Powel came to Powid from Modlina 7. He was able to fly Ił-28 bombers. The regiment was the core of the 15th DLB. The Powidz airport was perfectly suited for stationing bombers. It had all the necessary structure, including the latest radiolocation systems. These systems were installed in Powidz already in 1955. In 1958, the Ił-28 crew and airplanes from the disassembled 35th PLB from Modlin were punctured at the Powidz Airport. 33. PLB was also punctured from Modlin. At that time, the 21st Independent Regiment of Aviation Aviation was established in Powidz, which was moved from Sochaczew.

Subsequent organizational changes took place in 1963. The 33rd Bomber Aviation Regiment was reformed to the 33rd Regiment of Aviation Surveillance. Then, from the units stationed in Powidz, the 7th Bombardment Brigade was established. The Brigade received four Squadrons; three bombers and one reconnaissance. For flight insurance of the new brigade, the 17th Squadron Command Command was formed. However, for the material and technical security of the brigade, the 3rd Aircraft Regiment was reformed into the 3rd Regiment of Security. In 1963, Powidz was one of the largest garrisons in Poland. In 60 years, IL-28 planes began to crumble.

In 1973 preparations were made to accept a new type of Su-20 aircraft. On April 26, 1974, the first 6 copies Su-20 piloted by Soviet pilots landed at the Powidz Airport. These were planes with variable wing geometry. These aircraft received side numbers from 01 to 06. We received the remaining planes only in 1976. 25 pieces were purchased. All these machines were used only in Powidz. For reconnaissance tasks, most aircraft could carry KKR-1 reconnaissance trays.

The Su-20s aircraft were described in Poland as a great technique and a very dangerous weapon. This was one of the reasons that a decision was made to build shelters for new aircraft. In total, 40 shelter-hangars grouped in three areas were built in Powidz. In addition, there was one more area of centering with individual stilts embanked on three sides.

The outbreak of the Second Cold War in the early 1980s forced the reinforcement of the Warsaw Pact countries. In Poland, weapons for the limited number of MiG-23 MF and MiG-21 bis aircraft were introduced on the armament. However, the real changeover took place in the fighter-bomber (assault) aviation. And in terms of quality and quantity. We bought the Su-22 planes in two versions; single-seat Su-22 M 4 K and two-seat Su-22 M 3 K. In 1985 we received the first, respectively 20 and 6 pieces. In total, we bought 88 and 20 items, which together gave 108 copies, or equipment for three air regiments. In the period August-October 1984, the first 13 aircraft reached the Powidza on the Il-76 and An-12/22 decks. Powidz became the base for receiving airplanes at first.

Airplanes were delivered in container-boxes, partially dismantled; hull, wings, tail, engine. The planes were already after the first flights and had raids of 2-3 hours. After re-assembly by Soviet specialists, they performed a flight and were handed over to the Polish side. Probably the first Polish Su-22 M 4 soviets in Powidz were on 1984-11-05. Technical life of the Polish Su-22 during the period of peace is 20-25 years.

Airplanes went at the airports to Piła, Powidza, Świdwin and Mirosławiec. Each of the units received 36 machines for the state, for 3 squadrons (according to the time jobs). 38 Su-22 M 4 machines and 12 Su-22 UM 4 K machines were transported through the Powidz Airport.

Poland's accession to NATO influenced the new division of air units. The regiments disappeared, and the squadron became the basic organizational unit. According to the agreements, Poland should have 10 squadrons. In Powidz, on 2000-01-01, on the basis of the 7th Regiment of Bomb and Reconnaissance Aviation, arose; 21 Air Base, 6 ELT and 7 ELT.

The Su-22s aircraft have been adapted to operate in NATO structures. First, the radio panel was replaced so that the communication mode used in NATO could be used. The next stage was to mention navigation equipment. However, it should be remembered that the Polish Su-22 has never been adapted to operate outside our country. Already at that time they were expected to be exploited until around 2015. Poland has a full technical base for carrying out repairs. The engines are being renovated in Warsaw. The fuselages renovated in Bydgoszcz.

In 2008, all Su-22 planes from Powidz were beamed to Świdwin. In this way, Powidz said goodbye to the last real combat aircraft based here since 1956. It was planned that one F-16 squadron would be based in Powidz, but this was not the case and the base was intended for transport aviation.

Complementing the subject of basic planes based on the Powidz Airport, one should mention the training and training TS-11 Iskra. They served in Powidz in the period 1989-2007, and were intended mainly to maintain the habits of pilots who due to the poor condition of our economy, had fewer hours spent in combat aircraft. About 10 of these planes flowed through Powidz Airport.

Preparation of the Powidz Airport for the adoption of the WSB (Multi-purpose Combat Aircraft) led on January 1, 2002 to the re-appointment of 21 BLot. in 33 BLot. So all bases from WSB received numbers 31, 32, 33 BLot. The basic airport of 33 BLot was obviously the Powidz Airport, but the Babimost Airport was also included in the base as a spare (until 2005, when it was transferred to civil aviation).

At the beginning of the 20th century, changes in the Polish Military Aviation were very dynamic. Subsequent analyzes have shown that 3 and 6 ELTs can be placed at Krzesiny Airport, and Powidz Airport can be earmarked for the NATO aircraft base. Due to the strong commitment of the Republic in missions abroad, the demand for transport and the prospect of obtaining transport C-130 Herkules increased. As a result, it was decided to create another transport squadron, which received the designation 14 ELTr. The previous 6 ELT, after training pilots in the US on F-16 planes, went to Krzesin, and 7 ELT with Su-22 aircraft were transferred to Świdwin.

33th Air Base has been designed to prepare the forces and resources of the air base for accepting a transport aircraft, improving logistics, securing actions in crisis situations during the liquidation of non-military threats, as well as secures tasks resulting from the Open Skies Treaty.

In 2006, a lot was said about Powidz Airport. The airport was taken into account as the NATO Base, where the airborne ground observation system would operate. Representatives of the NATO Command visited the facility several times, the City of Powidz and the surrounding area.

On 2007-04-01, the 3rd Transport Aviation Brigade with its registered office in Powidz was established. This was based on the decision of the Minister of National Defense of September 22, 2006, and the Command of the Commander-in-Chief on the dismantling of the 2nd and 3rd Pact Commissions, formation of the 3rd Division of the BLTr. and 14. ELTr and changes in the subordination of some of the Air Force's organizational units.

Another branch that is stationed at Powidz Airport has been a transport unit. The 14th Aviation Transport Squadron (ELT) was organized as a result of the decision to accept medium-sized Lockheed C-130 Herkules transport aircraft for the SP RP. As a result of the analysis, it was decided that these planes will be stationed at Powidz Airport, i.e. 33 BLot. The squadron began operations on 2007-06-01. In the state of the squadron, light transport aircraft of the type PZL M-28 Bryza appeared first, and in 2009, planes C-130 E Hercules.

From 2009-01-01, in accordance with the Order of the Air Force Commander, the name of the 3rd Transport Aviation Brigade changed into the 3rd Wing of the Aviation Transport. It was a purely cosmetic change going towards the unification of names in the RP of the Republic of Poland with the nomenclature binding in NATO.

Since 2009, efforts have been made to prepare Powidz Airport as a base for Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft. The main investment tasks at the airport in Powidz were the new airport surface and the new large hangar. New facilities were built, including: the airport was expanded, the power system was modernized, the Airport Service Company database was established, the command post was repaired, new aircraft parking areas, aerospace aircraft warehouses and air-technical supply buildings were constructed. The unit has a new sports hall and swimming pool. Among other tasks were; new lighting, transhipment port, new warehouses, water supply and heat network, modernization of many buildings.

The first Lockheed C-130 Hercules flew to Powidz on 2009-03-24. In total, 5 C-130 Hercules are based in Powidz. In addition to the C-130 aircraft in Powidz, 8 PZL M-28 planes are used.

Commanders of the 33rd Air Transport Base: Col. pil. Maciej Trelka (since the formation - 2011-10-09), Col. pil. Mirosław Łusiarczyk (2011-10.10. - 2014-05-25), Col. pil. MSc. Mieczysław Gaudyn (2014-05-26 - 2017-03-30), part of the Colonel Dariusz Płóciennik (2017-03-31 - 2017-09-03), Col. pil. Grzegorz Kołodziejczyk (2017-09-04 - currently).

3 Wing of the Transport Aviation

The 3rd Aviation Transport Wing was formed on the basis of the order of the Air Force Commander dated 2008-08-26. 3rd The Aviation Transport Wing does not inherit the tradition of other units. On 2011-09-15, the Headquarters of the 3rd Air Transport Wing, by order of the President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski of 2011-08-15, received the Banner. Pursuant to the decision of the Minister of National Defense No. 84 / MON of 2011-03-16. The 3rd Wing celebrates its feast on June 1. The current equipment of the 3rd Wing is: Lockheed C-130 E Hercules, CASA C-295 M, Boeing B.737 BBJ, Gulfstream G.550, PZL M-28B / PT GC, Mil Mi-17, Mil Mi-8, PZL W- 3 Sokół, PZL Mi-2.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman