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Zlin Z-42



Construction Zlin Z-42

Two-seat self-supporting low-wing metal structure. Used as a school, aerobatic and tourist plane.

Simple, three-segment wings. The center wing has a small spread. The outline of the wings is rectangular with a small inflow in the center wing. The wings rise high and is 6 degrees. The structure is metal, one-girder with an auxiliary girder. Girders made of steel pipes, which were filled with nitrogen under pressure. The measurement of this pressure (its reduced value) informed about cracks in the girder. The leaf cover is made of clad duralumin sheet. The wings are equipped with flaps and slot ailerons with a grooved cover. The ailerons and flaps have the same span.

The fuselage structure is a spatial truss made of steel pipes. Pipe connections are welded. The cover is made of laminate. Half-shell tail. The engine is mounted to a cradle made of steel pipes. The aircraft was equipped with a glider towing hook.

The cabin is completely covered, limousine type. Give me a seat next to you. One dashboard.

Self-supporting, all-metal arrangement in a classic arrangement. Outline of the tail: horizontal - rectangular; vertical - trapezoidal. Rudders covered with grooved sheet metal. Three-support chassis, fixed with front wheel. The wheels can be covered with fairings.


Version Z-42 - in-line engine, hanging pistons Avia M-137A, with take-off power of 132.5 kW (180 HP).

Version Z-42 L - Lycoming AIO-320-B1B flat engine, 118 kW (160 HP).

Version Z-42 M - in-line engine, hanging pistons Avia M-137AZ, with take-off power of 132.5 kW (180 HP).

All engines are air-cooled. Fuel tanks were placed in the wings.

Data T-T Zlin Z-42

Span of 9.11 m

Length 7.05 m

2.69 m high

Bearing area 13.15 m2

Curb weight 645 kg

Take-off weight 900 kg

Maximum weight 920-970 kg

Maximum speed 315 km / h

Cruising speed 220 km / h

Landing speed 95 km / h

Climbing speed 4.8 - 5.2 m / s

Operating ceiling 3,800 - 4,250 m

Range 530 km

Flight time 2.5 hours

Run up 380 m

Run landing 400 m

Written by Karol Placha Hetman