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WSK Nr 4 PZL Okęcie Jak-12



Jak-12 planes with M-11 FR engines. 1952. Probably four copies of No. 0225, 5013, 4640213 and 4640216, built 1950-1951.

Airplane No. 5013 on February 16, 1952, with registration from SP-ASZ, was transferred to the Aeroclub of the Aviation League. On September 14, 1971, it was removed from the register and transferred to the Museum of Aviation and Astronautics in Krakow.

At the beginning of the 1960s, the remaining military copies of the Jak-12-M-11 FR were put at the disposal of the Aero Club of the Polish People's Republic. They received registrations; SP-CFO, SP-CFP.

Jak-12 planes R. 1956. 5 machines for the Polish Army were brought to Poland. They were not new machines. The first public show of the Jak-12 R nb 01 aircraft took place at the Okęcie Airport on August 26, 1956 - September 9, 1956, at the 1st Warsaw Aviation Exhibition.

Jak-12 planes M. 1956. Serial production in Poland at WSK-4 PZL-Okęcie. The first production series of 20 units. Mieczysław Miłosz fled the first Polish Jak-12 M.

Jak-12 M airplanes. 1956-1959. 1,054 machines were built in Poland.

Jak-12 A. 1959-1960. 137 machines were built in Poland.

Jak-12 M planes in the Polish Army. In total, 51 machines were used; 27 two-rudders (UJak-12 M), 24 single-rudders.

Jak-12 A planes in the Polish Army. In total, 32 machines were used.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman