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Kraków 2007-03-20

153b Section 1958-01-01

OKB Mikojan MiG-15 UTI. 1953-01-23

LZR Bydgoszcz SB Lim-1/2. 1958-01-01



MiG-15 UTI. The first batch of 4 aircraft delivered 1951-07-30, to the airport in Bemowo. They were used planes. They had the numbers 104-11, 104-23, 104-24, 104-25.

MiG-15 UTI. Another 16 MiG-15 UTI aircraft were delivered by the end of 1952. Most of these machines were gathered in the 62nd Fighter Training and Training Regiment. In 1954, some of them were transferred to school in Radom, and in 1955, several pieces were transferred to school in Dęblin.

SB Lim-1. In the years 1958-1960, about 100 Lim-1 aircraft were rebuilt into SB Lim-1 aircraft. The reconstruction was carried out at Lotnicze Zakłady Remontowe in Bydgoszcz. The last copies ended service in 1975.

SB Lim-1 No. 1A 06-010 / 6010. After serving (around 1980), it was sent to a museum in Warsaw (Czerniakowski Fort).

SB Lim-1 No. 1A 06-034 / 634. In 1970, the aircraft was in camouflage.

SB Lim-2. In 1960-1962, approximately 200 Lim-2 and SB Lim-1 aircraft were converted to SB Lim-2 aircraft. All these planes had Lis-2 (WK-1) engines.

Known the SB Lim-2 aircraft:

SB Lim-2 No. 1B 02-005 / 205.

SB Lim-2 M No. 1B 03-004 / 304. In 2005, it was in a museum in Krakow.

SB Lim-2 No. 1B 05-097 / 597.

SB Lim-2 No. 1B 06-006 / 006. The plane was shown at a picnic in Góraszka in 2006.

SB Lim-2 No. 1B 06-018 / 018. In 2006, at the museum in Krakow.

SB Lim-2 M No. 1B 07-061 / 761. In 2005 it was restored. In 2006, demonstrated in Krzesiny.

SB Lim-2 No. 1B 07-071 / 771. Used in Radom in 1960.

SB Lim-2 No. 1B 08-020 / 8020. In 2006, it was at the museum.

SB Lim-2 No. 1B 11-035 / 1135. In 1970, it was in a museum in Krakow.

SB Lim-2 A nr 1B 20-004 / 2004. In 2005, it was in a museum in Krakow.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman