SPAD planes in Poland.


SPAD S.VII C.1. Photo of MLP
SPAD S.VII C.1. Photo of MLP

Polish pilots flew on SPAD S.VII C.1 planes before Poland regained independence. In the period from December 1917 to May 1918, two airplanes of this type were used in the 1st Polish Combat Division of the 2nd Corps. Then, on November 2, 1918, another plane of this type was captured at the airport in Lviv (Lewandówka).

SPAD planes are actually a family of fighter planes, single-seat, biplane, systematically modernized and equipped with better and better engines, weapons and equipment.

Lorraine-Dietrich LD-12 used in SPAD 61 C.1. 2017 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
Lorraine-Dietrich LD-12 used in SPAD 61 C.1. 2017 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

Construction SPAD S.VII C.1.

The SPAD S.VII C.1 airplane is a single-seat fighter, a wooden structure biplane. Classic undercarriage, with a tail skid. Pine wood was used to build the aircraft.

Wooden, double-girder wings, internally curved with wire, covered with linen.

The fuselage is a wooden structure, consisting of four main wooden stringers. Rectangular cross-section of the plane fuselage. The fuselage in the front is covered with sheet metal, in the area of ​​the cabin it is covered with plywood, and at the end covered with linen.

Fixed two-wheel undercarriage with a tail skid.

Hispano Suiza 8A inline 8-cylinder engine, initially 140 hp, then after modifications 180 hp. The radiator is blocked with the engine. In newer models, the radiator had a shutter. Integral or Levasseur 485 two-bladed wooden propeller, 2.40 m or 2.45 m in diameter. The main fuel tank was placed in the fuselage under the pilot's seat, and an additional tank in the canopy. The fuel tanks had a total capacity of 135 liters.

Armament consisting of 1 or 2 synchronized Vickers machine guns mounted on the fuselage of a 7.7 mm aircraft.

Data T-T SPAD S.VII C.1:

Span 7.82 m. Length 6.08 m. Height 2.20 m. Bearing area 17.85 m2. Curb weight 545 kg. Gross weight is 775 kg. Top speed 200 km / h. Rate of climb 11.20 m / s. Service ceiling up to 5 500 m. Range 350 km. Flight time 1.5 - 2 hours.


SPAD S.VII C.1 planes - there were about 45 aircraft in Poland: bought, used and captured.

SPAD S.XIII C.1 planes - in Poland there were 40 planes bought in France. The planes were used.

SPAD 51 C.1 planes - there were 50 planes in Poland. The planes were new.

SPAD 61 C.1 planes - there were 280 planes in Poland. (250 machines were bought in France and 30 machines were built in Poland).

Written by Karol Placha Hetman