Historia Konstrukcja Zestawienie

RWD-DWL RWD-21. 1939r.

Cracow, November 14, 2018

00139a Section February 15, 1939.

Plant RWD-DWL RWD-21




RWD-21 is a sports plane. There is a place in the cabin for two pilots who sit next to each other. The plane is a low-wing, completely wooden construction. Important strength nodes of the structure are made of metal fittings.

Wings of un-divided, double-girder type, with trapezoidal outline. The wings were made entirely of wood. The wings are covered with plywood and canvas. Mechanization of wings are ailerons and crocodile flaps.

The fuselage of the plane is made entirely of wood. It has frames and four main stringers. The cover was made of plywood. The front of the aircraft was covered with aluminum sheet.

The tail of the aircraft built of wood is covered with plywood and canvas. A fixed chassis with a tail wheel.

Cirrus "Minor" internal combustion engine with 66 kW (90 hp).

Technical data RWD-21
Span 11.00 m
Length 8.40 m
Height 2.12 m
Carrying surface 14.95 square meters
Own weight 425 kg
Total weight 660 kg
Maximum weight 685 kg
Usable mass 260 kg
Top speed 210 km / h
Cruising speed 170 km / h
Landing speed 72 km / h
Lifting speed 4.7 m / s
The maximum ceiling is 5 500 m
Range 600 km


Written by Karol Placha Hetman