RSP-5 radar landing system. Marek Kaiper

2021 year

Landing radar PRŁ-5M.

Military landing systems were divided into: instrument landing system (USL) and landing system according to commands from the ground, in Poland called the radiolocation landing system (RSL) - translated into Polish Russian abbreviation RSP (radio-locationnaja sistema posadki). The USL system included a distant beacon, a beacon, a closer beacon, beacons and electro-light devices. The USL system became the basic cell to which electronic equipment was added to create more advanced systems such as USL with RSL, USL with PRMG (course and slide beacons), USL with RSL and PRMG, and the SP-1 and SP-2 landing systems were created. The SP-1 system uses the USL system with RSL and PRMG as well as the RSBN close navigation radio engineering system, a radar airport surface observation station, pulse approach and approach lights, and runway center line lights. The SP-2 system consisted only of USL with RSL and PRMG as well as RSBN.

The RSP-5 system was a further development of the RSP-4 radar landing system. The RSP-4 system consisted of: DRŁ-4 dispatcher radar, PRŁ-4 landing radar with two VHF RSIU-4 radar, ORŁ-4 circular observation radar on a GAZ-63 car, automatic ARP-4 or ARP-5 radar, dispatcher command post PDP-4 (Podwiżnoj Dispiadczerskij Punkt). PDP-4 included the portable indicators of all RSP-4 radar stations, two RSI-6 shortwave radio stations with the range of 3.75 - 5 MHz and a telephone switchboard. The entire system was carried on 11 vehicles. A simplified version of the RSP-4 was the RSP-5 consisting of the PRŁ-5 landing radar on the 4x2 JAZ-200 / MAZ-200 car or a trailer and the ORŁ-5 circular observation radar on the 6x6 ZIŁ-157 car (a modernized version of the P-10 radar equipped with in the "own-someone else's" NRZ-1 identification apparatus with a separate antenna placed on the mast near the radar (secondary radar). Subsequent landing radar systems consisted of a landing radar and a circular observation radar placed in one means of transport, RSP-6 in a PAU trailer -1 and PEP-4 power station on a trailer with a radio finder antenna In RSP-7 and RSP-10 in a truck body ZiŁ-157 or ZIŁ -131 In both cases the antennas of the circular observation radar DRŁ-7 or DRŁ-10 were placed on a two-axle trailer 2-PN-4 (SMZ-810).

PRŁ-5 general view
PRŁ-5 general view

Written by Marek Kaiper