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PZL P.11 1931r.

Cracow, September 12, 2018

00131a Section 1931

PZL P.11




The PZL P.11 airplane is a single-seat fighter aircraft, with a duralumin construction and a high-wing brace system. It has a worn-out cabin and a fixed chassis.

The wings of the Puławski construction, supported by braces and are completely metal. The wings are double-girded, equipped with ailerons.

The fuselage of the aircraft has a circular shape in the front to the oval behind. The front part with lattice construction. The rest of the hull with half-shell structure. In front there is a motor, engine bed, fuel tank, wing fasteners, chassis mounts and internal shock absorbers, armament.

The chassis of a fixed plane with a tailwheel, designed by Puławski.

PZL P.7 - 9-cylinder Skoda-Bristol Jupiter VII F star engine with 450 hp

PZL P.11c - 9-cylinder Mercury VIS2 star engine with 630 hp

PZL P.11 aircraft were equipped with various star engines: Bristol, Gnome-Rhone, Mercury with power from 379 kW (515 hp) to 618 kW (840 hp).

Armament two machine guns Vickers or PWU FK wz. 33 caliber 7.92 mm.


Data T-T PZL P.7 1930

Wingspan 10.57 m

Length 6.98 m

Height 2.69 m

Own weight 1 090 kg

Starting weight 1,480 kg

Top speed 327 km / h

Range 600 km

Flight time 3 hours

Data T-T PZL P.11c 1931

Wingspan 10.72 m

Length 7.25 m

Height 2.70 m

Own weight 1 147 kg

Starting weight 1,800 kg

Fuel 224 liters

Top speed 367 km / h

The climb speed is 14.5 m / s

Range 550 km

Ceiling 8 040 m

Flight time 3 hours


Witten by Karol Placha Hetman