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PZL-37 Łoś. 1936.

Kraków 2012-11-01

Section 1936-12-13

PZL PZL-37 Łoś




1 PZL-37 / I, No. 0001, Date 1935-1936 year. It is not entirely clear whether it was a static test prototype or a mock-up.

2 PZL-37 / I, No. 0002/72. First flight on December 13, 1936.

3 PZL-37 / II Łoś, No. 0003 / 72.2. First flight November 1937. Second prototype with double tail.

4 - 13 PZL 37 A Łoś (Łoś I), No. 72.3 to 72.12. Date 1937-1938. 10 machines with a single tail.

14-33 PZL-37 A bis Łoś (Łoś I bis), No. from 72.13. up to 72.32. Date 1938. 20 machines of the first series with double tail.

14 PZL-37 A bis Łoś / PZL 37 / III Łoś, No. 72.13 / SP-BNK. Date May 1938. Intended for testing. Gnôme-Rhône 14N00 / 01 engines were tested on it. Advertising flights were also carried out there.

15 PZL-37 A bis Łoś, No. 72.14 / SP-BNL. Date May 1938. Shown in Belgrade in June 1938 and then at the Paris Air Salon on December 1, 1938. It became the benchmark for mass production of PZL-37 B.

33 PZL-37 A bis Łoś, No. 72.32. Date July 1938. The last machine of the first production series.

34 PZL-37 B Łoś (Łoś II), No. 72.33. Date August 1938. The first of the second production series with all patches included.

34-141 PZL-37 B. Production of 95 or 108 pieces of the second series. Although PZL insisted on building 130 aircraft. The first machines went to units in March 1939. Not all planes were built for German aggression against Poland.

A total of 104 aircraft were built in Warsaw at PZL-Okęcie.

PZL-37 B. Production in PZL-Mielec. Date June 1939. 16 machines were built in Mielec. Not all were fully equipped and after flying.

A total of 120 PZL-37 Łoś aircraft were built.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman