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Published on: 2020-02-04
Updated on: 2020-02-05
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PZL-130 Orlik Turbo, engine Pratt-Whitney.



Pratt-Whitney turboprop aircraft.

PZL-130 TC-II Orlik. 2017. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
PZL-130 TC-II Orlik. 2017. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

The PZL-130 TC-II Orlik aircraft is a training aircraft of all-metal construction.

Self-supporting wing with a trapezoidal contour and a positive lift of 5 degrees, one-piece and single-girder structure, fastened with two fittings, two rockers and four connectors. Welded flow structure. The cover is made of duralumin sheet metal, 1.2 to 2 mm thick, riveted with countersunk rivets. Inside the wings are integral fuel tanks with a capacity of 640 liters and a compartment for the wheels of the main chassis. In addition, on the lower surface of the wings there are 4 (TC-I) or 6 (TC-II) catches for attaching armaments. Slotted ailerons, pivoting with a pusher system and electrically driven double-gap Fowler flaps. The wings are finished with winglets made of composite.

The hull of a half-shell structure, with a rectangular cross-section, oval vaulted. Riveted and welded, divided into two parts, front and back. The cab cover is opening to the right, made of organic glass and epoxy-glass frame. Behind the cab, an electrical equipment compartment.

Classic steer with rudder, single-girder with reinforced coverage. Vertical trapezoidal metal half-crust ballast, with rudder with mass balance and aerodynamic compensation, with unloading and balancing flap. Composite rudder. Metal, half-shell horizontal ballast. Rectangular, two-segment, half-shell metal rudder. At the rear of the fuselage, an aerodynamic steering wheel compensates for the propeller torque.

Front wheel on fork main swingarm wheels with telescopic shin. The chassis is equipped with oil-gas shock absorbers and hydraulic brakes, retracted into a recess with covers. Multi-disc brakes, hydraulically controlled, with three systems - basic, parking and emergency. Front landing gear with landing light.

P&W engine marked PT 6 A-25 C, power 553 kW, with unlimited service life and one-lever control. The engine drives a Hartzell 4-blade propeller. Matt black blades so as not to dazzle the flyers. Propeller hub silver, nickel-plated.

Data T-T PZL-130 TC-II Orlik. 2003.

Span 10.00 m

Length 9.30 m

Height 3.53 m

Bearing area 14.56 m2

Lobe extension 6

Airframe weight 1 825 - 1 850 kg

Total weight 2 400 kg

Maximum weight: 2,950 kg

Load weight 700 kg

Fuel weight 560 liters

Surface load 150

Power load 3.8

Maximum speed 550 km / h

Climb speed 15,0 m / s

Cruise speed 480 km / h

Range 2,350 km

Ceiling 8,500 m

P&W engine marked PT 6 A-25 C, 553 kW

Written by Karol Placha Hetman