Polskie Wytwórnie Samolotów. Wyd. Księży Młyn. 2018

Łódź 2018-04-10

The book - Polskie Wytwórnie Samolotów. Karol Placha.

Polish Airplane Factories. Karol Placha
Polish Airplane Factories. Karol Placha

In March 2018, a book entitled "Polskie Wytwórnie Samolotów" was published by the Księży Młyn Publishing House in Łódź. The author of the publication is Karol Placha, an enthusiast of Polish Aviation, especially the history of aviation. Author of the POLOT.net portal, operating since 2007.

The book "Polskie Wytwórnie Samolotów" is a retrospection of Polish aircraft manufacturers from 1909 to the present day. In the book, the reader will find descriptions of the production plant from the interwar period and after the Second World War.

This is how the book is reviewed on its website by Dom Wydawniczy Księży Młyn:

“Karaś, Junak, Iskra, Bies, and finally Orlik. Aeronautics enthusiasts will easily recognize Polish planes in these names. Aviation has come a long way from the first crude wooden structures wrapped in cotton cloth to today's modern half-shell models. The history of Polish aircraft manufacturers begins in 1909, when the Warsaw Aviation Society Awiata was established in Pole Mokotowskie. From there, the author takes us on a journey across the country. In addition to the most famous centers of the Polish aviation industry - WSK PZL Świdnik and Mielec, Central Aircraft Study in Warsaw - the book also explores the history of aviation in Poznań, Lublin, Łódź and Biała Podlaska. The story of Polish aviation, however, is not only about factories and subsequent models of airplanes produced by them, but most of all people whose passion allowed them to develop and then rebuild the industry destroyed by two world wars. Testers, engineers, aviation lovers are no less a hero of this book than machines. "

The book is published in album format, in A4 format, in hardcover, and contains 196 pages. It is richly illustrated. Contains sketches of the plant's plans and lists of aircraft produced. It is the first comprehensive publication of the topic of an aircraft manufacturer in Poland. It is addressed to everyone interested in aviation, especially its history. It is a perfect gift for friends and acquaintances, even those who were driven by the wind of history from the Republic of Poland.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman