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Mr. Kazimierz Samp

Kazimierz Samp was born in 1938 near Gdansk to a family of farmers. He spent the last 40 years of his life abroad.

War, School, Military Service as parachutist and employment in a taxi company were his main occupation as a young man.

Since his childhood on he dreamt about aviation and travels around the globe.

As a 15-year-old-boy he started to fly gliders, at the age of 25 he moved to West Germany where he met his wife Ursula. Together they decided to move to Canada.

He became pilot there, beginning with the PPL licence.

Anyway, the beginnings in Canada were hard, he repaired cars, worked as a truck driver to destinations like USA or Alaska.

Ursula (a former beauty Queen of Sylt) worked in bars and restaurants.

They also travelled a lot in North America, Central America and even to Africa and Middle East.

After returning to Germany Kazik was hired by a small airline called Friesenflug located on the Sylt island, mainly busy with charter flights and panorama flights.

 Ursula worked for AVIS rent a car and later on as check-in-manager at the airport ( mainly British Airways).

In 1977 the Samps purchased Friesenflug and the success story really started.

In the late 90s they owned 5 planes:

  • Cessna 172 (D-EGAZ)
  • Cessna 172 (D-EOTI)
  • Cessna 182 (D-EGTD)
  • Cessna 207 (D-ECMB)
  • twin-engined Piper Seneca II (D-GIWA)

 2 hubs: Sylt (Westerland), Föhr (Wyk).

They established seasonal connections between the sea resort Westerland/Sylt (North Sea) and Hamburg twice a day ( April-October). Charter connections to Legoland (DK) enriched the portfolio.

They used to often employ often pilots from the huge Polish diaspora which nowadays consist of over 3 million people in Germany.

I met Kazik as a child in the 80s- during one of his holidays in Poland. Kazik was my Grandma's cousin. In 1988 I moved with my parents to Germany and regularly visited the Samps, often had the chance to travel by their planes.

In 1998 Friesenflug was sold, the Samps moved to Canada where I visited them in 2007.

Today Friesenflug became part of Sylt Air, the company even has jets.


Kazik spent 12.000 h in cockpits, as a retired couple the Samps travelled a lot especially Mexico was their target hence in the 80s they spent lots of winters there.

Kazik passed away in 2012,  74 aged.

His wife Ursula lives in Vancouver. She was so kind to provide me with many pictures and articles.

Michael Pieslak