Navigation lighting devices. Marek Kaiper. Part 1.

2016 year.

Marek Kaiper

Part 1.

Electro-light navigation devices.

The flight insurance service (UL) existing in the air force deals with the protection of take-offs and landings as well as guidance of aircraft to the areas of airports or landing areas. The flight insurance service included, inter alia, electro-light (electronic navigation) devices. The task of these devices was to lightly mark the lanes of field airfields and taxiways at field airfields without permanent lighting. In addition, at all airports, lighting of the touchdown point of airplanes and light identification of the airport. It was divided in such a way that the lights of stationary marking of runways and taxiways (Świecz-2, Świecz 57 or D-2) were handled by the airport service company (kol) being part of the air regiment supply battalion, and the traffic lights by the communication battalion flight insurance company and flight insurance (previously the so-called DDL flight command squadron). After 2000, the name of the command squad was reintroduced. And so, for example, stationary impulse approach lights were subject to the airport service company, and their transportable variant under the flight insurance company, the stationary light descent path indicator "Siodło" was subject to the wheel and the same transport factor, if it were brought, would be subject to the flight insurance company. The electro-light platoon, which was part of the flight insurance company, had: code-code neon airport lanterns, starting spotlights and lighting devices such as Łucz or Świetluszka.

Airport spotlight APP-90. Photo by Marek Kaiper
Airport spotlight APP-90. Photo by Marek Kaiper

Written by Marek Kaiper