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Mikojan i Guriewicz MiG-29 1989.

Kraków 2007-11-24

288 Rozdział 1989-07-31

OKB Mikojan i Guriewicz MiG-29, 9.12, UB



The supersonic fighter front.

MiG-29 nb 4103 Krzesiny. 26.06.2007. Photo by Karol Placha-Hetman
MiG-29 nb 4103 Krzesiny. 26.06.2007. Photo by Karol Placha-Hetman

Construction MiG-29

The MiG-29 (9-12) is a single-seat, twin-engined, supersonic, fighter aircraft, of metal construction. MiG-29 UB is two-seat and has no radar. It is built in a classic layout. The aircraft has a carrier fuselage type, it produces up to 40% lift. The plane has a double tail. The landing gear is the retractable tricycle type.

MiG-29 is a front fighter. MiG-29 is designed for searching and destroying air targets "in all weather conditions". The aircraft is equipped with an optical-electronic guidance / navigation system, equipped with Doppler radar N-019 "Rubin". In order to detect air targets, the aircraft is equipped with a KOLS-29 search / tracking sensor (search range up to 18,000 m) and a laser rangefinder (search range up to 6,500 m). When the eye contact with the target is obtained, the pilot can use the NSC Shchel-3UM on the helmet and the viewfinder, in conjunction with the NVU-2M sight.

For self-defence, MiG-29 uses SPO-15 ‘Bierioza’ radar warning receiver. The pilot is additionally supported by the ‘Natasza’ voice information reporting system. The communication is maintained via the VHF/UHF R‑862 type radio.

The aircraft is driven by two RD-33 engines. The RD-33 engine has a string of 2 x 49.40 kN, with out an afterburner (unit fuel consumption 0.079 kg / N / h). Using the afterburner has a string of 2 x 81.40 kN (unit fuel consumption 0.210 kg / N / h). The engine's length is 4230 mm, the maximum diameter is 1000 mm and the weight of the dry engine is 1055 kg. It takes about 1 hour to replace the engine with one another. Lifespan of 350 hours. The engine version RD-33 D (R-33 D) has a string of 2 x 50.03 kN (2 x 5 100 kG.), And with an afterburner 2 x 81.42 kN (2 x 8 300 kG).

MiG-29 has seven integral fuel tanks with a capacity of 4300 liters. Five of them were placed in the fuselage: 1-650 liters, No. 2-870 liters, No. 3-1810 liters and two marked as 3A placed symmetrically on the back of the hull with a capacity of 2 x 105 liters. Two additional tanks with a capacity of 2 x 330 liters were placed in the wings. The tanks are filled through a central fuel fill or rain throat. It takes up to 20 minutes to refuel the aircraft together with the additional tank.

The MiG-29 is armed with a 30mm GSh-30-1 gun with 150 cartridges. The aircraft has six knots for external weapons, on which you can hang bombs, missiles, containers with guns or additional tanks with fuel.

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Written by Karol Placha Hetman