Przasnysz, Sierakowo Airport. 2019

Published on: 2021-02-06
Updated on: 2021-03-02

Przasnysz 2019-01-05

Przasnysz – Sierakowo airport.

Przasnysz airport on the map of Poland. 2018 year
Przasnysz airport on the map of Poland. 2018 year

Przasnysz airport. 2018 year. Satellite image
Przasnysz airport. 2018 year. Satellite image

The airport is located approximately 4,000 meters from the center of Przasnysz. The airport is located east of Przasnysz, between the national road No. 57 and the voivodeship road No. 544. The national road No. 57 is about 188 km long (north-south direction) and lies within the territory of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie and Mazowieckie voivodships. The road connects Pułtusk with Bartoszyce. Additionally, it runs next to the Olsztyn Airport in Szymany. The provincial road No. 544 (east-west direction) is approximately 164 km long and connects Brodnica with Ostrołęka.

During the German occupation in 1940, the German army began to partially convert the training ground into a field airfield. They located them between the villages of Sieraków and Karwacz. There is a narrow-gauge railway from Przasnysz to the airport. It ended with a loading and unloading ramp. Several wooden barracks were erected for the airport service and storage facilities. A bomb storage, a shooting range for airplanes and a fuel and lubricant storage facility were built. No hangar was built. The airport was ready for use in May 1940, and was used for the attack on the CCCP. The airport was operated by the German army until the end of 1944.

In the period 1945-1951, the airport in Przasnysz was practically unused. The barracks were occupied by the 3rd Uhlans Regiment (1944-1947), and the airfield again became the training ground.

The renaissance of the airport took place in 1951. In 1951, an airport with a tower was built, which has existed to date (2018). In 1952, a new narrow-gauge railway track was built, from the Mława - Maków Mazowiecki railway line, at Makowska Street. The siding ran first to the area of ​​the military unit, and after passing it, at the height of the shooting range, it turned to the airport area from the Przasnysz - Karwacz road. The siding was used to supply airplanes with fuel, as well as to transport other goods to the premises of the unit. At that time, a new MPS with underground fuel tanks was built at Przasnysz Airport. Then, the aviation fuel was transferred to auto-cisterns with MZ-51M fuel dispensers, which were installed on GAZ-51M / Lublin-51 cars. They were called BZ-kami or "gasoline cars". In the 1950s, PSM-1 or PSM-2 aviation fuel was used.

In its heyday, the area of ​​Przasnysz Airport was approximately 320 hectares. In the 50-years, a new bomb depot was built in the Karwacki forest. The area was fenced off with a double barbed wire fence, where there was a building that housed a handgun warehouse, a guardhouse, a duty room and special warehouses for storing air bombs and ammunition for airplanes. There was a paved road to the airport and the bombs of the train, with time covered with asphalt. Currently, the area of ​​the former bomb storage is the area of ​​the Przasnysz forest inspectorate.

After the 64th Aviation School Regiment was disbanded, Przasnysz - Sierakowo Airport was used more as an exercise site than an airport. It is true that Przasnysz Airport was operationally subordinated to the 103rd Liaison Aviation Regiment (JW. 1159) from the Vistula Military Units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was an alternate airport. The unit's home location was the Warsaw-Bemowo airport.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Przasnysz airport was transferred to the Military Property Agency. After some time, it was allowed to be sold without keeping its aviation character. There were several ideas for the development of this area. Ultimately, the local authorities treated the area as an industrial zone with the airport's maintenance in use. Therefore, the entire area of ​​the Przasnysz Economic Zone was divided into plots with access to the landing area. The project worth PLN 34 million, included the construction of internal and access roads, sanitary sewage system, rainwater sewage system, water supply, telecommunications and energy installations. The value of co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund was PLN 28,734.50 million. The topic was carried out by 2012.

The zone includes: The area of ​​investment plots - 48.67 ha (81 plots with an area ranging from 0.5 ha to 1.03 ha). Land designated for aviation activity: Area of ​​investment plots - 106.89 ha (4 plots with an area ranging from 3.8 ha to 72.33 ha). The remaining area of ​​the Przasnyska Economic Zone: Area of ​​investment plots - 93.96 ha (86 plots with an area ranging from 0.47 ha to 22.15 ha). The total area of ​​plots for sale in the Przasnyska Economic Zone - 249.52 ha. In 2018, several entities already started operating here. Economic entities from abroad, and even from the USA, also showed interest.

On April 20, 2002, the first official meeting of aviation supporters took place, the aim of which was to create a regional aero club using the closed Przasnysz Airport. The initiative was supported by the authorities of the Przasnysz City and Commune. The official opening of the Aero Club took place on May 3, 2003, and the airport was consecrated by the primate of Poland, Józef Glemp. Prime Minister Leszek Miller (a communist) was also present at the airport.

Already in June 2003, the first gliding training began, a group of 20 candidates. The flying equipment was obtained thanks to the help of the Polish Aero Club. The first one was the PZL KR-03 Puchatek two-seater school glider. Over time, the Aero Club enriched itself with another flying equipment: the PZL-104 Wilga SP-AHK plane, two-seater gliders PZL KR-03 Puchatek SP-3548, SZD-50 Puchacz SP-3201, single-seat gliders SZD-51 Junior SP-3315, SZD- 30 Pirate SP-2935. The aeroclub also had a winch for TUR-2 B gliders. The first plane at Przasnysz Airport appeared in 2003 and it was the STOL CH-701 classified as an ultra-light class.

In 2006, Przasnysz Airport was given the ICAO code name - EPPZ. The airport elevation is 113 m above sea level (384 ft). The take-off area is ground with a grass surface. The Aero Club maintains in use one Runway (RWY) in the direction of 115/295, dimensions 800 mx 60 m. (114/294 (11L / 29R), 1145 x 60 m, N53 ° 00'39.8 "E20 ° 56'01.3" ). It is possible to maintain two more RWY: 045/225 (04/22), 750 x 60 m, N53 ° 00'25.1 "E20 ° 56'05.6", 170/350 (17/35), 850 x 60 m, N53 ° 00'30.6 "E20 ° 55'44.1".

The airport is located in the center of the Przasnysz Economic Zone, where it is possible to purchase service plots with access to the runway. The airport serves training planes, General Aviation, as well as gliders and power hang gliders. Sailplane and ULM flights in a designated area on the south side of the airport. A dirt road passes through the area of ​​the take-off field. The airport elevation in the middle of the landing area.

Radio frequency Przasnysz-Radio 122.6 MHz. Przasnysz - Sierakowo airport coordinates 53 ° 00′39 ″ N 20 ° 56′02 ″ E. Kontakt / Contact +48 883 993 001. Possibility of hangar, strip cleared of snow in winter. Access to the hangar is cleared of snow in winter. Sheds with technical facilities. Rental costs: PLN 500 gross per month (with a longer discount period). Object monitored / 24h security. Address Aeroklub Północnego Mazowsza, Sierakowo 56, 06-300 Przasnysz.

The commercial offer includes: School flights by plane, glider. Towing gliders. Aircraft washing and storage. Training - improving qualifications, additional qualifications: PPL (A) tourist plane pilot, ULM pilot, glider pilot. Possibility to rent: lecture hall, accommodation rooms, aviation equipment at the airport. Renting a square for outdoor events: harvest festivals, picnics for companies.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman