Mokotów Airport. Part 2. 2016

Published on: 2021-05-15
Updated on: 2021-03-02

Warszawa 2016-01-02

Former Mokotów Airport - Pole Mokotowskie

Part 2 - from 1918 to 1947.

Former Mokotowskie airport on the plan of Warsaw
Former Mokotowskie airport on the plan of Warsaw

Mokotów airport in the Second Polish Republic.

In the 20-years of the 20th century, the Mokotów Airport was developing dynamically, although it was a provisional development. It sounds a bit strange, but already in 1920, it was known that the Mokotów Airport was inhibiting the development of Warsaw. Tall buildings were built closer to the airport. In 1932, the following nearby terrain obstacles were given which made it difficult to use the take-off area; On the north side, tall town buildings, 20 m tall trees, 34 m high Polytechnic chimney. On the east side, two church towers, 63 m high, tall houses, tall trees at the airport border, and 20 m high poplars. On the south side houses and a radio mast, 75 m high.

The Central Aviation Workshops (Centralne Zakłady Lotnicze) operating at the airport were also developing. More repair and production departments were established. The plants developed their infrastructure. New production facilities were built. The factory had its own water supply network with a water tower. The former power plant generating electricity with a voltage of 120 V. The plant had hangars, assembly halls and warehouses. In total, there were over 30 building structures. Some of the internal paths were already paved.

The Polish aviation company Aerolot was the co-user of the airport. It had three large hangars and a large back room. The largest hangar had a door with a clear opening of 29 meters and a height of 4.20 meters. The Warsaw Airport, as Pole Mokotowskie was then called, had an air station put into operation in the spring of 1922, in the form of a three-part, two-story building with a wooden structure on a brick foundation, located near the Aerolot hangars. Nearby, there is a hardened apron for aircraft. There was a ticket office, a waiting room, a restaurant, a post office, a telephone, a telegraph, a police station, a customs office, a weather station and a medical aid station. It was only 400 meters to the tram stop, as well as taxi and carriages.

Basic data of the Mokotów airport in 1932.

Basic data of the Mokotów airport (1932). Geographic coordinates: latitude 52 degrees 13 minutes, longitude 21 degrees 00 minutes. Height above sea level 111 m. Magnetic deviation -1 degree 36 minutes. In the center of the airfield there is a white circle with the word Warsaw. Landing direction indicator; lined white letter T. 7 wind sleeves. At night, orientation according to the white obstacle lights placed on the buildings surrounding the landing area. In the take-off field itself, a white arrow is laid out from the lighthouse to indicate the landing direction. The take-off area of ​​NW-SE - 470 m (the smallest), W-E - 1,550 m (the largest). Clay surface covered with turf. The 5 kW radio station operated at the following frequencies: 900, 1,210, 1,235, 1,316 Hz. Call signs: SRM, SRN, SRO, SRP.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman