Kluczewo Airport. 2011

Kraków 2011-01-20

Kluczewo Airport

Kluczewo airport. 2009 year. Photo of LAC
Kluczewo airport. 2009 year. Photo of LAC

Airport infrastructure.

Description of the photo: 1 Main RWY with taxiway. 2 Taxiway also being RWY. Next to the shelter-hangars. 3 The apartment blocks. 4 The base of the communication and radio engineering security unit. 5 The main composition of fuels and lubricants. 6 Air traffic control tower and pilot's house.

The Kluczewo airport has, but probably it will be more correct, to write - did - geographical coordinates; latitude 53 degrees 16 minutes 50 seconds N, longitude 14 degrees 58 minutes 00 seconds E. Height 36 m above sea level. It was located south-west of Stargard Szczeciński.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman