Historia Konstrukcja Zestawienie

Instytut Lotnictwa JK-1 Trzmiel. 1957r.

Krakow September 7, 2018

150b Section 1957

Institute of Aviation JK-1 Trzmiel (Bumblebee)




The helicopter's construction is spatial. Drive two ramjet engines. Fuel tank with a capacity of 100 liters.


Data T-T JK-1 Trzmiel

Hull length 2.95 m

Height 2.14 m

The diameter of the rotor is 7.0 m

Own weight 140 kg

Usable weight 200 kg

Starting weight: 340 kg

Top speed 131 km / h (calculated)

Cruise speed 105 km / h (calculated)

Maximum vertical lift of 10 m / s (calculated)

Maximum ceiling 5,500 m (calculated)

Flight range 20 km (calculated)

Flight time 15 minutes (calculated)


Written by Karol Placha Hetman