Iliuszyn Ił-28. 2021

Published on: 2021-03-16
Updated on: 2021-03-16


105b Tally 1952-10-31. Iljuszyn Ił-28.

The Iliuszyn Ił-28 aircraft was a bomber, training, reconnaissance, target tug, WRe (radio-electronic warfare) aircraft. It was used in Poland from 1952 to 1979.

Il-28 nb S3. 2008 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman
Il-28 nb S3. 2008 year. Photo by Karol Placha Hetman

The Il-28 is a three-seater, twin-engine, all-metal bomber - reconnaissance - training - target tug - WRe. Built according to the arrangement of a classic high wing, with a straight wing and oblique tail, both horizontal and vertical.

The construction has been technologically divided into several separate elements. The wings are divided along the chord and the fuselage along the frames. This technology slightly increases the weight of the structure, but it significantly facilitates production, and the individual components were made much more accurately. The basic material is duralumin.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman