Historia Konstrukcja Zestawienie

Główny Instytut Lotnictwa BŻ-4 Żuk

Krakow, November 21, 2017
161a Section 10 February 1959
The Main Institute of Aviation (Główny Instytut Lotnictwa) BŻ-4 Żuk

Helicopter BŻ-4 Żuk


Four-seater helicopter in an one-rotor system with an additional control rotor and a tail rotor. Metal and wooden construction.

Three-blade supporting rotor, Hiller system. Shovels with wooden structure were rigidly attached to the head. To facilitate hangarowania and transport, the blades could be folded forward. The head was mounted on the drive shaft on the gimbal joint. Above the main rotor was mounted a three-blade rotor control, with blades with a circular contour and a metal structure. The control impeller reduced the forces on the joystick and steered the helicopter up dynamically. The change of the position of the plane of the control rotor was transferred to the carrying rotor, causing a periodic change of setting angles, i.e. periodic turning of bearing blades.

The hull is a spatial lattice, welded from steel pipes. Covering with dural sheets. The cab is completely covered. The entrance to the cabin is provided by a side door. In the sanitary version the stretchers were to be inserted through the right side window. A paramedic sat behind the pilot. On the rear of the fuselage was a tail beam, with a triangular cross-section, with the tip facing down. The beam truss had no cover. On the oblique end beam there was a small adjustable stabilizer in flight.

Four-wheeled fixed chassis. Two front wheels and two main ones.
Equipment: basic navigational instruments, electrical installation, on-board transceiver radio, landing spot, signaling rocket.
WN-4 engine 7-cylinder, star-cooled, air-cooled from an additional fan, power 320 hp (237 kW). The engine was built in a horizontal position. Above the engine was a dynamically suspended head with a ratio of 10: 1, connected to the engine by a shaft and a mercury clutch.

Data T-T BŻ-4
Diameter of the rotor 12.00 m
The surface of the transverse wheel 113 square meters
Hull length 10,55 m
Overall length 12.75 m
Height 2.80 m
Own weight 1 050 kg
Useful weight 450 kg
Total weight 1 500 kg
Top speed 156 km / h
Cruising speed 125 km / h
Lifting speed 4.6 m / s
Dynamic ceiling 3,000 m
Range 260 km
Flight time 2.5 hours


Written by Karol Placha Hetman