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Plage i Laśkiewicz Fokker F.VII/3m



Fokker F.VIIa.

Six Fokker F.VIIa single-engine aircraft were purchased in 1928 by Polish private airlines Aero, after which they were taken over by LOT Polish Airlines established on 1 January 1929. Initially, they had registration marks: P-POZM, P-POZN, P-POZO, P-POZP, P-POZR, P-POZS, and in PLL LOT: SP-AAM, SP-AAN, SP-AAO, SP-AAP, SP-AAR, SP-AAS.

Fokker F.VIIb/3m.

The first country that purchased a license for the Fokker F.VIIb / 3m aircraft, at the beginning of 1928, was Poland. Production was commissioned to Plage and Laśkiewicz in Lublin. In 1929-1930, 11 passenger planes and 20 planes were built in Lublin in the factory developed in the design office under the leadership of Ing. Jerzy Rudlicki's bomb version.

The 10 Fokker F.VIIb / 3m passenger aircraft and 3 copies were later rebuilt from bombers; were used by PLL LOT (with the marks: SP-ABA, SP-ABB, SP-ABC, SP-ABD, SP-ABE, SP-ABF, SP-ABG, SP-ABH, SP-ABI, SP-ABK and SP -AMI, SP-AMH and SP-AMK). PLL LOT aircraft were equipped in the years 1934-1935 with new Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior TB engines with 420 hp (309 kW), with two-blade metal propellers, with adjustable pitch on the ground, allowing for slightly better performance.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman