Boeing B.737-800 BBJ2. 2021.

Warszawa 2021-11-10

325 Section 15.11.2017 year.

Boeing Company B.737-800 BBJ2 in Poland.

Boeing B.737-800 BBJ2 Nb 0110. Okęcie November 15, 2017. Photo of the Ministry of National Defense
Boeing B.737-800 BBJ2 Nb 0110. Okęcie November 15, 2017. Photo of the Ministry of National Defense

Another two Boeing Company B.737-800 BBJ2 planes in Poland.

On October 7, 2021 in the afternoon, the second plane for the transport of the most important people in the country (VIP) landed at Okęcie Airport. It was a Boeing 737-800 BBJ2-27K (Boeing Business Jet 2), Nb 0111, proper name Roman Dmowski, in the HEAD version. The plane was greeted with a water salute from the Airport Fire Brigade.

The Boeing 737-800 BBJ2 aircraft is the result of cooperation between Boeing and General Electric to create a highly efficient business jet that would be able to fly uninterrupted on the routes New York - London, London - Rio de Janeiro, Singapore - Tokyo or Warsaw - Tokyo.

In January 2021, the plane, after being built in the USA, was sent to France for a plant near Bordeaux Mérignac airport. This European company is a subcontractor of the Boeing concern. At this plant, the aircraft was upgraded to the HEAD level. The plane was painted. The wings were rebuilt with additional fuel tanks. Installed: passive and active defense systems, military navigation system, coded communication system and others. The plane normally takes 65 people on board. There is a lounge for two people, a conference room for four people, a 12-seat cabin and a 48-seat cabin on board. There is also a bedroom for the flight crew.

The program was slightly delayed due to the Chinese virus pandemic (COVID-19). It is worth mentioning that the first aircraft delivered in 2017 will also be as equipped as the other two planes.

Delivery of the third plane.

On October 29, 2021, a third plane, Nb 0112, named Ignacy Jan Paderewski, arrived in Warsaw. The plane landed after dusk and was greeted with a water salute. The aircraft has the same equipment as the previous Nb 0111. Soon the first Nb 0110 will fly to France to be upgraded to the standard of the next two.

On the sidelines of the arrival of two more planes to Poland, intended for the transport of the most important people in the country, the clamor of the Polish-language media has once again been raised. They are like an allegedly illegal ordering of planes. That the first completely ordinary plane was bought, for the commercial transport of 186 passengers. That the delivery of the planes was delayed. That the planes will fly empty. Well. What shallow knowledge such a shallow commentary.

T-T Boeing 737-800 BBJ2 details:

Avionics: Rockwell Collins Avionics. Two CFM 56-7B27 turbofan engines, rated at 2 x 27,300 pound-force. Top speed 473 knots (876 km / h). The maximum range is 10 620 km. Operating ceiling of 41,000 feet. Rate of climb 3,000 feet / minute (15.24 m / s). Take-off run of 2,494 m (8,182 feet). Landing ground 1,372 m (4,501 feet). Depending on the number of passengers and luggage capacity, the range can be 10,620 kilometers for eight passengers or 9,140 kilometers for 50 people on board.


Three Boeing B.737-800 BBJ2 planes; "Marshal Józef Piłsudski" (delivered November 15, 2017), "Roman Dmowski" (delivered October 7, 2021), "Ignacy Jan Paderewski" (delivered October 29, 2021).

Written by Karol Placha Hetman