Airports in Poland. Księży Młyn. 2016r.

Łódź 2016-10-10

The book - Airports in Poland.

Airports in Poland. Dominik Sipiński, Paweł Cybulak, Karol Placha
Airports in Poland. Dominik Sipiński, Paweł Cybulak, Karol Placha

In September 2016, a book entitled "Airports in Poland" was published by the Księży Młyn Publishing House. The authors of the publication are Messrs. Dominik Sipiński, Paweł Cybulak and Karol Placha. The first two gentlemen are journalists of the internet portal.

The book "Airports in Poland" is a retrospection of communication airports in Poland, from the regaining of independence by the Republic of Poland in 1918, to the present day. It describes the airports that used to handle passenger traffic (eg Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz), as well as the new ones, which operated only a few years (eg Lublin-Świdnik, Warsaw-Modlin). The publication mentions communication airports in Lviv and Vilnius, which were found outside Poland as a result of World War II, and at the same time reminds the beginnings of such communication airports as Szczecin, Wrocław, Gliwice, when they were not yet within the borders of Poland. Currently, the Register of Civil Airports in Poland includes 15 airports.

The main part of the book are chapters describing the development of commercial aviation in a given city. The book is richly illustrated. It contains maps and photos, often of great historical value.

In recent years, the commercial movement in Poland has developed significantly. The "Open Sky" policy, the development of the "Low Cost" airline, and most of all Poland joining the "free" countries, meant that today a plane trip is not unusual, and what is very important, airline ticket prices are within the reach of everyone working Pole. I am not afraid to use the statement that in recent years we have witnessed the second (after the 1930s) dynamic development of passenger and freight transport.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman