Airport in Pieniężnica. 2021

Pieniężnica Airport.

Pieniężnica Airport
Pieniężnica Airport

Pieniężnica Airport. 2021 year. The work by Karol Placha Hetman
Pieniężnica Airport. 2021 year. The work by Karol Placha Hetman

The site of the former military airport is located approximately 1,500 m from the town of Pieniężnica. The Pieniężnica airport was established in the mid-1950s as a typical backup airport for combat regiments of the Polish Army. The layout of the take-off area was typical of airports from that period. RWY, 1,900 mx 40 m long, with a concrete surface. RWY was located in the direction of 084/264, i.e. almost east-west. An emergency runway with a dirt surface (grass) was marked on the southern side of the RWY. On the north side of the RWY there was a main taxiway, approximately 2,000 m long. The main taxiway was connected to the RWY by four connectors. The width of the taxiways was 10-15 m. All taxiways were paved. At the eastern and western connector there is a PPS (Aircraft Parking Plane), also with a concrete surface.

The coordinates of the former Pieniężnica Airport are N53 ° 52'17.5 "E17 ° 00'11.1".

There are two zones of centralized combat aircraft at the airport. One in the eastern part of the airport (among the trees) and the other in the west. At the beginning of the 1970s, 10 AU-11 class shelter-hangars for Mikojan and Guriewicz MiG-21 planes were built in the western hub.

Pieniężnica airport was surrounded by forests on all sides. In the north-eastern part, in the forest there are MPS (fuel and lubricants warehouse, fully equipped) and the airport administration and barracks buildings. In the north-west part, in the forest, a bomb storage (weapons warehouse for airplanes) was placed.

The Pieniężnica airport did not have a permanent host. Regiments such as: 6th PLM from Piła, 26th PLM from Zegrze Pomorskie, 28th PLM from Słupsk, 41st PLM from Malbork and others were based here. The following planes landed at the airport: MiG-21, MiG-23, TS-8 Bies, TS-11 Iskra.

Already at the end of the 80's, the airport was underinvested and fell into degradation. At that time, there was already an excess of military airfields in relation to the needs. For 90 years, planes landed here sporadically. Probably the last landing of a civilian plane took place in 2004. It was then that the Cessna 172 crash-landed. At that time, only the eastern part of the RWY, at a length of 1,000 m, was fit for landing.

The Pieniężnica airport was located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship in the Człuchów County. Postal code 77-306. But the border between the Solectwo Koczała and the Solectwo Pieniężnica runs through the airport. Most of the area is in the Sołectwo Pieniężnica district. In the Koczała Commune there is the eastern part of the take-off area, the area of ​​the former MPS and administrative and barracks facilities.

In the 90s, the airport was taken over by the Military Property Agency and was put up for sale, without the need to maintain its aviation character. Legal and illegal car and motorcycle races were organized at the airport. In 2019, the receiver managing the assets of the former airport demolished the remaining part of the RWY, taxiway and shelter-hangars. There is currently (2020) an edible mushroom plant on part of the take-off field; mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

In 2020, 359 people lived in the Sołectwo Pieniężnica area. It was 9.5% of the inhabitants of the Rzeczenica Commune. The area of ​​Pieniężnica is mainly forests, farmland and wasteland, because the soil is not of the highest quality. The Czernica River, with a medieval stronghold, flows nearby. In the village of Pieniężnica there is a Protestant church under the challenge of St. Martin, which was built in the years 1814-1817. The church has walls made of a "half-timbered wall". During the People's Republic of Poland, the "PGR" State Agricultural Farm operated in Pieniężnica.

The Pieniężnica airport also had other names. Bialy Bor airport, because it is the largest city nearby. Koczała airport, because the main access to the airport was from the town of Koczała, via a concrete road. There is only a dirt road from the side of Pieniężnica and it led through the farm gate to the area of ​​the landing field itself.

DOL on the National Road No. 25.

The National Road No. 25, on the section Biały Bór - Rzeczenica, runs approximately 5 km from the Pieniężnica Airport. On this road, DOL Brzezie is located in the town of Brzezie. National Road No. 25 is 412 km long. The road runs from north to south. It runs through the following voivodeships: Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie and Dolnośląskie.

Railway to the Pieniężnica Airport.

Railway next to the Pieniężnica airport. 2021. The work by Karol Placha Hetman
Railway next to the Pieniężnica airport. 2021. The work by Karol Placha Hetman

Currently, there is a railway line No. 405 that connects Piła with Ustka, via Szczecinek, Biały Bór, Miastko and Słupsk, with a length of 193.67 km. To the north-east of Bialy Bor there is the Słosinko railway station. From this station, the Słosinko-Człuchów railway line ran, which was No. 413 and about 45 km long. This trail was launched in 1902. The Łękinia railway station was on this route. Around 1955, a 4,000 m long railway siding was built from the Łękinia station to the Pieniężnica Airport. In 1991, railway line No. 413 was closed and was gradually dismantled. In 2006, the line No. 413 was completely dismantled, along with the railway siding to the Pieniężnica Airport.

Written by Karol Placha Hetman